The Next Great Magician Season 2

In today’s world there is no place for magic, as many skeptics suppose, but the participants of the project The Next Great Magician, which not long ago started not ITV television channel, decided to refute it. In this show the most talented illusionists demonstrate their skills, fighting for a victory. Hardly had the first season of the program ended, when the audience, which had time to assess the authors’ idea, started worrying about when The Next Great Magician season 2 will be presented. Release date of the next part of this magical series is still unknown, but the viewers hope for its soon return on the screen and believe, that the new episode will present even greater surprises and unexpectedness.

Creators Crew

The Next Great Magician Season 2 Cast
The pilot season premiere was launched on November 6, 2016; this part of the show included six episodes, where the last one was finale.
The creator of this unusual series is Richard van’t Riet; the script belongs to David Reilly and Ivor Baddiel.
Executive producers working hard to develop the program and select the cast are:

  • Andrew O’Connor;
  • Derren Brown;
  • John Kaye Cooper.

The hosts of this project are Stephen Mulhern, and English showman and magician, and Rochelle Harris, an actress.
Production companies presenting the first season air date are Vaudeville Productions and Crook Productions, the network that is sure to broadcast the following new season start is ITV.

Brief Review

The Next Great Magician Season 2 Spoiler
As the main participants of the project there are six famous in the world illusionists, whose task is to demonstrate their magical talent during five episodes. In the sixth episode of the main contenders for the title of the greatest magician have to fight in the final.
Some of the tricks presented in the program, have been shown for the first time, and many of them became a real shock for both experienced audience and beginners. One feature of the show is that the roles of the judges are played by the participants themselves, who by voting must decide who should remain in the final battle.
The coming of the renewed series is being awaited right now. The audience is eager to watch new unusual tricks and try to guess illusionists’ secrets.

Viewers’ Number and Series Rating

A strangely small rating of The Next Great Magician on IMDB (only 6/10) doesn’t prove that the series is worth forgetting. When new season release date is announced, the number of the viewers is supposed to be bigger in comparison with the latest season one. According to official information the first episode was watched by 3.62 million viewers. In case the authors come to the same conclusion concerning soon continuation, the schedule of upcoming show will be announced in the nearest future.


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