The Next: 15 Season 2

The Next: 15 is a reality TV project created in the USA. The new episode of the first season was released on the 10th of February 2016. The release is carried out by the TV One Network. The show concentrates on everyday lives of the former participants of various reality TV shows. Their celebrity status is deemed but they have a lot to show off to get back under the spotlight again. For the next season air date scroll down further.


The Next: 15 Season 2 Cast

  • Claudia Jordan. She’s the former participant of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The fame she’s getting on the show will certainly give her new opportunities in her professional life;
  • Jennifer Williams. A former participant of Basketball Wives. She’s now acting as a co-host in one of the online talk shows. She’s striving for more popularity that could add her some professional value and somehow stimulate her career;
  • Karamo Brown. The gay member of the former cast of The Real World: Philadelphia. He’s trying to get successful in broadcasting career;
  • Laura Govan. Former participant of Basketball Wives. She’s creating books for kids. She’s trying to explore her new creative sides participating in the project;
  • Atlanta Benzino from Love and Hip-Hop TV project tries to balance fatherhood with professional issues;
  • Tiffany Pollard nicknamed “New York”.


The Next: 15 Season 2 Spoiler

  1. Claudia is in search of cleansing herself from the past. The cast meets for the first time.
  2. Claudia’s talk show gets filled with new fresh idea created by the cast. Claudia gets her first conflict with New York.
  3. Claudia organizes a party on her homecoming.
  4. Baby Zino gets back to the project. Laura wants to meet New York on the courses of anger management. Benzino and Jennifer go to the studio accompanied by Bobby Valentino.
  5. Jennifer quarrels with Claudia. Karamo has conflicts with his son – he wants him to be more ethical at work.
  6. Benzino and Claudia have different opinions on the behavior of Jennifer. New York says she doesn’t want to participate in the creation of a talk show and she doesn’t want to be a part of it at all.
  7. Carlos approves Claudia’s actions. Laura stands eviction. Horrible news get to Jennifer.
  8. Claudia has argument with Jennifer. Laura leaves talk show. Carlos organizes a party.
  9. New York lashes out.
  10. Benzino and Althea show up with their son.

Second Season Release Date

TV One is yet to renew or cancel the project. If you want to know when The Next: 15 series two will be released, don’t forget to subscribe not to miss the premiere!


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