The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 9

Animals are as humans as they need care, as well as an urgent medical help. The Incredible Dr. Pol is featuring as a doctor is saving lives of farm animals being an experienced veterinarian. This TV show is, by the way, a long-running one and is waiting for the verdict about its following ninth season.

Shortly about the TV show

As the title says to us directly, while watching this project we will be dealing with medical cases but in this case, they are not simple as they include farm animals being the patients of the host of the show whose work is portrayed in detail.
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The series is highly-rated and watched all over the USA, as well as internationally in various countries, on the channel called the Nat Geo Wild channel.
This product was created for the local TV network by the producers from National Geographic Television and Super Alright.
The team of executives includes such names as Andrea Schwartzberg, Jenny Apostol, and Ted Duvall.
The first release was held as far back as in October 2011 while the latest eighth one saw the light of day in this past January

What can we follow here?

Jan Pol is the name of the main hero there who serves as a protector of animals saving their lives even when the emergency takes place.
He is specializing in large farm animals but cannot leave also small pest without a certain medical help. Our doctor is coming from Netherlands, by the way. He is in his late sixties but it does not prevent him from performing his duties as a veterinarian brilliantly.
Moreover, his clients are shocked by his energy and vigor with which he embarks on each case among the variety of them having every day.
Surely, even such a professional cannot perform everything without a certain portion of assistance, which here comes from his son named Charles.
So the size and age of animals are no matter for them as their main goal is to bring them to life.
In the pioneer episode, for instance, it was shown as the passionate doctor was treating a horse with a torn eyelid. An unfortunate hedgehog was also brought to the clinic for a treatment.
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Ratings and reviews

Taking into account the level of ratings of the channel, the show is more them just averagely evaluated. The viewership constitutes about one million watchers per episode. This comes to be no surprise as the charisma of the host, as well as his kind heart are the obvious advantages of this show.

Expectations about the renewal for the ninth season

The ratings are high, thus, making us conclude that the project can be kept on the channel as a settler for the following several years if the developers will bring some new ideas to the storyline making it more diverse in order to make the series get traction while the sequential releases.
So far, there is no confirmation of the possibility of the ninth installment as well as The Incredible Dr. Pol available for us. Therefore, let’s stay tuned in the case some info appears.


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