The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 10

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a reality TV series created and released in the USA by Nat Geo Wild. The show concentrated on a veterinary named Jan Pol. He’s Dutch-American. He works at a veterinarian office all together with a group of employees – the cast consists of professional vets. He and his family live in Weidman, Michigan. His son named Charles acts as one of the producers of the project. The Incredible Dr. Pol was launched in 2011 and since then it has enjoyed stable viewership and great popularity. If you’re willing not to miss a new episode, read further for The Incredible Dr. Pol season 10 release date. The project has finally been renewed!

 The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 10 date release

Jan Pol Bio

The experienced doctor will examine you on condition that you’re furry and have four legs!

He spent more than forty years taking care of pets and farm animals. His veterinary experience made him a brilliant specialist, who is never afraid of difficulties. He’s one of the first vets in history, that’s why the project enjoys such a growing popularity. The shows he participates in are No. 1 series on the channel. It gives you a chance to have an inside look on a vet’s everyday affairs. His workday lasts for fourteen hours. He works with both livestock and pets.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 10

Studied Veterinary in Utrecht University. In 1971, Dr. Pol moved to the USA. In 1981, when he already has a ten-year experience of successful work, he moved to Michigan, where he opened Pol Veterinary Services. He started this project together with his wife named Diane in the garage. Dr. Pol is very down to earth, which makes his approaches simple, but powerful and sensible. He managed to attract more than 20,000 clients.

Dr. Pol is most professional with treating horses, sheep, cows, goats and chickens. Once he even managed to take care of a reindeer. He’s a faithful farmers’ friend. He’s never too tired to do his work, helping the farmers stay in business and get everyday profit. Dr. Pol is sure that kids should be surrounded by healthy and happy furry friends, that’s why he asks for almost nothing in return for his work.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 10

Dr. Pol is actually very charming with his Dutch accent, and mustache. He drives a 1981 DeLorean (Yep, the one that was used for the filming of Back to the Future series of films). Every new episode shows how he becomes a generally accepted hero and friend.

10th Season Air Date

The Incredible Dr. Pol has been finally prolonged for more episodes. The official 10th season release date is the 7th of January 2017.

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