The Haunting Of Season 7

The brand show under the title “The Haunting Of” is waiting at a present moment for the official statement coming from its developers about another resumption of the story with a psychic medium as the principal character.

What should we know in fact about this long-running project?

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The Haunting Of makes for a series in the genre of documentary fabricated in the USA and aired on the channel named LMN.  The series centers on stars who are sharing their experience with paranormal activity with the audience.  The serial is fabricated by the production studio titled Jarrett Creative.
The serial was first put to broadcast in the middle of autumn in 2012. Originally, the serial was aired on The Biography Channel. Then to some unknown reasons the project left the original network and goes to Lifetime Movie Network starting with its third chapter. The sixth part debuted already on LMN. It has been very recently in fact, specifically at the very end of March this year.

What is about the plot itself?

The series is hosted particularly by the psychic medium named Kim Russo. Stars that are considered to be the guests of the TV show are coming to tell about the acquaintance with the spiritual world. They share with us the most intimate things in their lives telling how much this encounter to the paranormal world has influenced their fate.
The crew of stars is composed of such personalities as Billy Ray Cyrus, Kendra Wilkinson and Meat Loaf, and a lot of others. By the release of the fifth season this amount of celebrities was evaluated in 67 people.
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Kim Russo serves as guide who assists her guests to reveal the secrets and explain those things that cannot be possibly accounted for by means of sometimes very surprising revelations in their private life. The encountering the paranormal world comes to be bound with the loved ones who have passed away.

How was the serial accepted by the auditory?

The serial is referred as a very compelling and emotionally hard series as its essence is connected with people’s death. These people have been and now stay the dearest ones in the life of celebrities.
As for the exact numbers, we can mention only one scoring on IMDb and all issues concerning the popularity of the project will become clear at once. So on IMDb, the serial is evaluated in about 7 from 10 points which is considered to be enough for creating the following several chapters.

Can we expect that the serial will be resumed as usual?

The Haunting Of Season 7 Cast
So far, unfortunately, it is unknown whether the project is aiming to get a new resumption this time in the form of the seventh season. However, the aforementioned ranking scoring makes us sum up that the serial is worth further development.
As the matter stands, there is no available official data concerning The Haunting Of season 7 release date as well as about the feasibility of the resumption for another chapter. So keep abreast of the situation in order to get a portion of inspiring news about your favorite spiritual serial straight from the reliable resources and timely.


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