The Great Human Race Season 2

It is a new add-on to the list of shows on the National Geographic channel. The freshman season release date is February 1, 2016. What is the fate of the project? Was it successful enough in order to make the second season premiere possible? When can we expect the exposal of the sophomore season air date? What do we know of the situation? Let’s get to revising these questions in the post.
The cast of executives includes:

  • Brian Lovett,
  • Peter DeLasho,
  • Robert Palumbo.

The Great Human Race Season 2 Poster
The companies duo behind the production is National Geographic Studios and Global.


The main person behind the show is Bill Schindler who serves as a professor of anthropology at Washington College. He is interested in the experimental archaeology, as well as in exploring the limits of the survival skills that people can use.
Together with Cat Bigney, a survival instructor they embark on a 35,000 miles journey that includes such places as East African wild savannah, Middle East, frozen Siberian tundra, and then Alaska.
The journey is taken in a primitive way, as our ancestors made this 2.6 million years ago.
For what period should they complete their trip? They have only seven months to it. They should make their best in order to survive and face the minimum consequences facing various challenges on the hazardous way to the goal. They will hunt for food, build shelters, set fires in order to keep their bodies warm, as well as make their own clothes without having those needed tools for these purposes.
The Great Human Race Season 2 Spoiler
They have only the theory in their minds of how it can be done. Yet in practice, everything is much more difficult. They will certainly be at their wits’ end sometimes of how to do one or another thing. Yet their ingenuity is supposed to win out by no means.

As for Exact Ratings

The series can boast only average rating numbers. The viewership comprises 0.4 million watchers per episode in the best case. However, according to some reviews, the project is a unique mixture of reality survival show and a docuseries about history. Each new episode of the freshman installment cannot but amaze with its drama and suspense.

Difficult to Predict the Future

The resumption of the show is not a confirmed matter nowadays. The loyal followers are left to wait for the official news. Keep your chins up, in any case. The main characters can embark on a new far greater journey, and this is worth waiting for it, certainly. The Great Human Race season 2 release date can be exposed in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!


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