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The old settler on the A&E network, The First 48 keeps getting traction due to the intensity and the drama in narration. The ratings are truly inspiring despite the long history of the program. The issue is, however, whether season 16 will appear next year. What are renewal predictions? Let’s get right to clarifying this issue.

Brief Review

The series is a hit settler on the A&E network. It is a mixture of the documentary and reality stories where investigations of criminal cases are held.
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The First 48 has already fifteen seasons under its belt. The first premiere is dated back to June 2004. The latest one has been held this year.
The company behind the production is ITV Studios America with John X. Kim, Alexis Robie, Laura Fleury, and Peter Tarshis working in a team of executives.

Key Concept

Each episode is devoted to one and several criminal cases depending on the difficulty of the situation for investigation. The story features the first 48 hours of homicide investigations in various US states, and then often sees the cases through right the very end.
Here the whole range of methods is applied during each case exploration. The intensity of narration cannot but capture the audience attention alongside with drama. The session is always a brainstorm, as it is hard to follow the direction of the search much often.
The first 48 hours are not enough to complete the investigation and to find the truth. That’s why the chances of a case being solved are cut in half after this time period has elapsed.

What are Rating Figures?

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The success of the series is something that can be taken for granted on knowing the concept of the show. It is actually exciting for following it. The popularity of the project led even to creating various spinoffs of the project, as, for instance, After the First 48, The Killer Speaks, and The First 48: Missing Persons.
Nevertheless, there is some portion of criticism – the story is not so smooth due to the misrepresentation of the suspects who later turn out to be innocent.
As for the exact figures, let’s define the viewership. So, as of today, it constitutes steady 1.2 million viewers. This can lead us to think about the very feasibility of the resumption of season 16.

TV Show Future

What is the series fate? Can we hope for the next installment to appear next year without delay? The reality crime drama is worth following it indeed and there is no explaining why the loyal followers are worrying about these questions.
You cannot sigh with relief now, as the revival for the next chapter is not a confirmed matter, much to the regret of all of us. Yet, the chances of the renewal are so high that we can feel some sureness in the positive unfolding of events next year.
Stay tuned with us if you are hungry for specifics on this show. As soon as The First 48 season 16 release date appears, we will notify you about it. Follow us and you will not miss anything.


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