The Eric Andre Show Season 5

There are a lot of sitcoms today, but not all of them are associated with the genre of parody. One such program, which does nothing but emulate the majority of public talk shows, has been broadcasted since 2012 on Adult Swim channel. This is an American project The Eric Andre Show, a program that has been on the screens for the past 4 seasons. An unusual format of this series is beloved by lot of the audience, and the main public’s question that arose after the end of latest season, is as follows: when will The Eric Andre Show season 5 begin? Release Date of the renewed program hasn’t been officially announced yet, but all the viewers suppose that the return if their favorite project will happen in the nearest future.

Cast and Creators

The Eric Andre Show Season 5 Spoiler
It is interesting that the first season premiere debuted long ago on May 20, 2012. Since then the creators have already presented 40 episodes (the running time of each new episode is about 11 minutes).
The creator of the series is Eric Andre, a comedian from the US. His coworker is Hannibal Buress, a stand-up showman and producer. The narration is carried by the following personalities:

  • Gary Anthony Williams, who took part in the program in 2012;
  • the narrator in 2013 was Tom Kane;
  • Robert Smith, who is the current narrator of The Eric Andre Show.

The crew of executive producers includes such famous persons as:

  • Dave Kneebone;
  • Andrew Barchilon;
  • Kitao Sakurai.

The network presenting the latest fourth season on August 5, 2016 and responsible for all the next episodes is Adult Swim. Among the production companies are worth mentioning such as Abso Lutely Productions, Sick Ducks Productions, Williams Street and Naked Faces.
The Eric Andre Show Season 5 Cast

About the Show

The main aim the hosts of the program are trying to achieve is making good parodies of famous talk shows. As the stars taking part in the series made-up twins or just random people are invited who are able to convey a good image of a certain celebrity. Of course, some stars sometimes visit the program; various actors and musicians frequently come to The Eric Andre Show. A lot of embarrassing situations for the guests are created by the hosts. Andre and Buress always joke have fun, the series is full of quality humor and unpredictable plot twists. The audiences believes that the coming season air date will take place soon and the first episode of season five will prove unaltered format of the program.

Renewal Potential

Support from the audience – this is due to what the project has been broadcasted on television for so long. The public finds the show interesting and nonstandard, and all the viewers are waiting for the new season release date with great tension. The chances for its renewal are quite high, and everything that is remained to the fans is just making assumptions about the premiere.


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