The Dude Perfect Show Season 2

Here the five guys are set to show various dangerous tricks to us. Do not even try to repeat them. The CMT channel is the second home for the project, by the way. Its original channel is YouTube where the videos have kept garnering magnificent rating figures. What is the popularity of the TV series exactly? Was it replicated? The second installment of the TV show is yet to be announced but the statement is felt to be around the corner.

Briefly as for the Show

The series is a new reality show broadcasted on the CMT channel since the recent past, starting from this April 2016. The show is grounded on the original videos on Youtube channel. That original series was highly popular evaluating in 8.9 million subscribers and over 1.4 billion views.
The Dude Perfect Show Season 2 Poster
Tyler Toney once noted that moving to the next level, to the TV broadcasting specifically, meant a great format changing as short clips on YouTube did not fit the TV standards with more storytelling and background.
Superjacket Productions is behind the production while Rob Dyrdek performs the duties of the leader of the executive team.

Following the Concept

The series turns to revolve around five friends named Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Coby and Cory Cotton. All of them are living in Texas. The focus of the reality story is the tricks accomplished by these marvelous guys. They are so astonishing that we can even tear our eyes from screens when following episodes.
What comes also for depiction is the behind-the-scene life of friends. The audiences can get a glimpse into the camaraderie behind the viral videos on YouTube and now on the television show as well. The watchers are given a brilliant opportunity, thus, to penetrate into the show to the full extent.
Such celebrities as Cameos, famous athletes Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers, musician Luke Bryan, Green Bay Packers, and many others also take part in the show.
The Dude Perfect Show Season 2 Cast

TV series Popularity

The series with an abundance of clips is much the audience liking. But what can be said about the TV show? Has is managed to replicate the success of its predecessor that is still so popular? Let us make everything clear enough.
In fact, it has failed to complete this task. The viewership is evaluated only at 0.5 million watchers. This number is related, by the way, only to the premiere episode. Then, the decline was traced. Does it signify that the story is next door to cancellation? Is the show will be launched in the future only on YouTube again?

Chances of Renewal

In order to summarize the article, let’s move forward some predictions. The supposition is such that the story is much more likely to be renewed for the next year premiere. Yet you should not be under the illusion that the resumption can be made in the near future, at least in this near there is no waiting for it. The Dude Perfect Show season 2 release date is to be exposed moving closer to the end of the upcoming winter. Stay tuned, nevertheless, for updates.


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