The Dead Files Season 9

You are on the right not to believe in the paranormal creatures but watching the series titled “The Dead Files” won’t leave unfazed in any case. The project is full of cliffhangers, as well as packed with much suspense and terrifying things. Therefore, if you have a weak heart, do not even try to view it.

Brief review

As the part of the programming list on the American TV network called Travel Channel, the documentary series about paranormal creatures under the title “The Dead Files” has been broadcasted since fall 2011. The project now consisting of eight seasons is a long-running one, as well as beloved and watched all over the world.
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The series creation is immediately taken by Painless Entertainment with its executives working on the project whose names are Jim Casey (Hotel Secrets & Legends), David E. Gerber (Greatest Mysteries, Mysteries at the Museum), Rob Rosen (Kitchen Nightmares), and Ross Kaiman (Who Was I?: My Past Lives).

Describing the concept

The hosts of this reality show are named Amy and Steve. Amy serves as a physic medium while Steve used to be a detective. So their skills and approaches differ greatly. Sometimes it results in a successful solving of issues and in other cases it leads them to be involved in a conflict.
They are traveling around the whole territory of the USA in search of places where the paranormal activity takes place. And here the locals are coming to help them in finding these places.
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Amy and Steve are investigating a crime scene separately and then compare together their findings in order to solve the mystery in tight collaboration.

What about the latest feedback?

The premiere of the latest season was held at the start of 2016. So the series is now on a regular hiatus. However, the main question now is the ratings received with this latest premiere.
The series continues in fact to garner positive reviews with much action added to the narration and charisma possessed by hosts. The first episode of the eighth circle was showing Amy and Steve as they exploring violent paranormal activity at a historic brothel in Butte, Montana. Their investigation styles differ, as we know and this contributes also to the general excitement.
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As for today, this given project is a leader among others connected with researching supernatural activities taking into account all above-mentioned advantages. The steady viewership, as well as the constantly refilled pack of positive reviews from critics, is making us believe that the story won’t be put on hold after the release of the already available eighth season.
The resumption, however, has not been confirmed formally yet. Consequently, there is nothing to say about The Dead Files season 9 release date. Let’s not hang down our heads so far as it is a little bit early for such things and the developers need some time to generate some ideas for new episodes. So being in the swim together with us is the only way out of this unknown state of affairs.


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