The Dead Files Season 11

Perhaps, the most mysterious project on Travel Channel is The Dead Files, the show about paranormal events and their witnesses. The team of researchers that studies various supernatural scenes, for the past 10 seasons has already seen a lot and become really experienced in the matters that defy a conventional explanation. And the audience of the program, which had come to love the project, now is increasingly interested in the continuation, sending the authors of the series a very serious question: will The Dead Files return for season 11? Release date of the next renewed part is still unknown, but this doesn’t mean that the new episode will not air. The eleventh season air date is likely to be officially announced in the nearest future, and its coming would be a real pleasure for a large number of fans around the world.

Authors and Creators

The first season premiere was presented to the public on September 23, 2011. The running time of each episode of The Dead Files is about 45 minutes. The directors of the program are Rob Rosen (he works in the show today), Rob Traegler and Emily Webster, who both used to work in the series earlier. The main hosts and the cast of the project are Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan.
The Dead Files Season 11 date release

Executive producers developing the program and responsible for the next season release date are such professional as:

  • Jim Casey;
  • David E. Gerber;
  • Ross Kaiman;
  • John C. Fitzgerald;
  • Mark Marinaccio.

The company producing The Dead Files and that one which is likely to work on its following season start is Painless Entertainment, Inc. The network which is going present the eleventh new season when it has been officially announced is Travel Channel.
The Dead Files Season 11

Brief Review

The hosts of the project visit places that, according to some witnesses, are places of concentration of paranormal activity. Steve and Amy in each episode explore thesame case individually, and then compare their results and make certain conclusions.

This genre has become a real discovery for the modern television, because this is not just a show about ghosts, it is scientifically based program, where the latestn technologies are used and highly qualified specialists are involved in the study of the supernatural. When new season eleven airs, it is sure to gain even greater popularity than before, as its coming is being strongly awaited.
The Dead Files Season 11

Possible Renewal and Viewers’ Rating

On IMDB, a well-known website, the rating of The Dead Files is of 6.7/10, and this is not the worst result in comparison with other shows of a similar genre. There hasn’t been any finale authors’ decisions concerning the future part of the series, but if the number of its viewers is sufficient, the show will definitely go on. Stay tuned and get its schedule not to miss a long-awaited premiere.

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