The Dead Files Season 10

What are we going to discuss now? The long-running project broadcasted on Travel Channel under the title of The Dead Files. Two months ago, we were lucky to start watching the tenth season of the docuseries about paranormality. The exact launch date is August 13, 2016.

Docuseries Summary

It is a paranormal project that serves as a settler on Travel Channel. The release has been held since September 201 and already nine seasons are available for us with the tenth one being broadcasted at the current period.
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The docuseries is fabricated by such executives as by Jim Casey, Rob Rosen, David E. Gerber, and Ross Kaiman. The whole production is by Painless Entertainment, Inc.

As for the Paranormal Concept

Amy Allan, a psychic communicator, and Steve DiSchiavi, a former NYPD homicide detective with 21 years of experience on the force, are the hosts of the show.
Each episode they embark on a certain mysterious case where the paranormal activities are involved. Throughout the course of the run, they investigate these cases visiting haunted locations all over the country in order to determine how dangerous these places are.
It is curious that they lead their explorations in a separate way exploiting various means to these ends. Afterward, they meet in order to compare the results from their work. A definite conclusion is thus to be made by both. There are cases on this show that come to be unworthy their investigating.

How are Things Going on With Ratings?

The skeptical opinions towards the very theme for depiction stands as the main reason for the series to be accepted in a rather controversial way. Nevertheless, some watchers have been enjoying a usual approach to the topic since the very start of the releases.
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The critical opinion states that the story lacks in proof while the delivery is made in a pretty theatrical manner. In any case, the series has got its fan base that is in love with all those paranormal activities. So, why not keeping producing the series.
The loyal followers seem to be not worried much about whether the stories are real or not, they just follow the capturing narratives.
As for the concrete figures, we should mention here the average 0.6 million people viewership and a 0.23 demo rating.

Revival Predictions: Season 10 Release Date and Renewal for Cycle 11

Taking into account that the story has delivered the ratings of 1 million people per episode, there is no wondering why the developers have kept developing the scripted mystery show. It is average yet enough for delivering profit to the channel.
As far as the renewal for the eleventh chapter is concerned, there has been no news regarding this. We think it is too early to worry about these issues. Let’s follow the current installment. The Dead Files season 10 release date was August 13, 2016. So, we have still some episodes for watching now.


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