The Curse of Oak Island Season 4

The followers of the reality show titled “The Curse of Oak Island” are now on the lookout for the renewal of their favorite series. However, the project’s creators have plans to alter its future.

Basic info you need to know about this reality project

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The Curse of Oak Island is a reality show that revolves around people who are on the trail for treasures.  The first episode of the project was aired practically two years ago, at the beginning of the 2014 year to be more specific. The series is by the way produced in America.
The team of executive producers is led by Kevin Burns. The latest third chapter began airing in the middle of November of the previous year.

What is the essence of this reality show?

The main heroes in the reality project are Rick and Marty. Their attempts to uncover the old secret of the island are quite praise-worthy in fact. Located near the coastline of a Canadian province, the island possesses impressive yet twisted legends.
According to various speculations and theories, the legend is that there are treasures hidden by pirates or even by King Solomon somewhere in the ground there. So the serial follows the exciting discoveries and investigation process led by the hosts. The heroes made a lot of small unwrappings which cannot lead to the main secret even united. Moreover, the things got a lot more complicated way according to the regular inhabitants of the island. They claim the influence of a supernatural power that surrounds this treasure secret.
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Reviews and rating numbers

The History Channel’s series about treasures turned out to be a breakthrough, as the positive reviews both from critics and casual viewers proved. The rating numbers were steadily increasing as the series ran.  And let’s remind you that, currently, we have entire three seasons available.
However, positive reviews are not as unanimous as some people expected them to be. Some people consider this series a raw project that lacks a real essence in the story. What are these hunters actually looking for? Maybe, the island has no treasure at all. So this turn of events couldn’t be left without attention. In fact, many viewers seem to doubt such a premise.
The series already has its audience. This number constitutes about 1 million people for the pre-episodes. And this may be the main reason for the show to continue.
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Can we expect the renewal of the project?

The producers of the project seem to wait for the final results of the current season broadcast. The number of viewers should be over the critical point when it comes to shaping the future of the project. So there is no information now about The Curse of Oak Island season 4 release date. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about the upcoming official news.


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