The Cube Season 10

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General Overview

The Cube is quite an unusual British TV project. It received lots of mixed reviews from the critics, though it’s highly anticipated and gains growing popularity. It is now broadcast on the ITV in the UK. The original idea belongs to Adam Adler. he also is the executive producer of The Cube. Among the other producers are Andrew Newman, Andrew O’Connor and Nathan Eastwood. The production is realized by Objective Productions. The premiere episode of The Cube appeared on TV screens in August 2009. Since then the show is not losing popularity. What’s so special in it? Let’s see…
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Plot, Cast and Crew Details

The ninth season is being broadcast right now. The Cube is presented by Phillip Schofield. The participants of the project do their best to get the prize of ?250,000. Their task is to complete several challenges being inside a cube. Even if the tasks are very simple, the cube makes them extremely hard to realize. The challenges are performed in a very small area, which puts the contestants under the severe pressure. The cube is surrounded by a large audience watching the process alive. When the participants get inside they sometimes feel claustrophobic and disorientated. This psychological disorder makes them lose concentration. Their abilities weaken. The Cube was created to show intense anxiety that contestants feel getting through the tasks.
The tasks are mostly connected with physical activity – throwing, catching, jumping, memorizing and reacting. Colin McFarlane voices The Cube and explains the rules of this strained competition.
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The creator of The Cube is Adam Adler. The presenter is Phillip Schofield. The voice of Colin McFarlane is used throughout the show.

Facts and More

  • From the premiere episode of the show money matters haven’t changed. The Cube offers a prize ranging from ?1,000 to ?250,000 (jackpot). The sum of money won depends on completing a certain amount of levels. The sum depends on the abilities of the participant. The money is accumulated throughout the level, and if the contestant makes a mistake, he (or she) loses the money accumulated.
  • The format of The Cube gained great popularity all over the planet and now it’s successfully used in more than eleven countries. US version has never been shown, though it was planned.

The Cube Season 10 Cast

Season 10 Release Date

The Cube is very popular in UK, so the fans won’t have to wait long. There was no official release date announced, but this project with growing popularity will surely hit your screens next year! Cross your fingers for that and be concentrated!


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