The Challenge Season 29

How about refreshing your memory and get back to the first steps of the now universally acclaimed MTV project under the title “The Challenge”. Do you agree? We think it is time to make a retrospective journey as the project has been recently renewed for season 29 already. Can you imagine this? So, let’s start.

Background of the MTV settler

This TV show seems to have no boundaries in terms of its superb popularity. This universally acclaimed project is an old settler on the MTV channel. The premiere of the pioneer installment is dated back to June 1, 1998. Since then the steady viewership was maintained. How do the developers manage to do it?
The Challenge Season 29 Poster
The current season has number 28th. The premiere of it was held on May 4, 2016.
The fabrication of the series is behind Bunim/Murray Productions. The host of the show is the BMX biker named T.J. Levine.

Following the concept

It is a competition in its core. The participants of it embark on hazardous missions after which medical personnel assistance is required. The game is harsh and no one will feel pity for you as you have agreed to take part for yourself. Of course, there is a goal, the main prize, a large sum of money that differs from season to season.

Catching up with the events in cycle 28

The Challenge Season 29 Promo
The latest cycle 28 is presenting 13 groups to us. They come from Challenge, Are You the One and Real World. The missions here have been already performed when the launch is made, for the teams are made up of bitter rivals with a history of competing against each other.
The tense is growing with each episode. This time, the prize contains $350,000. This sum is worth struggling for it, surely.

Concerning ratings and reviews

There are also tow years before the twenties anniversary of the project. Who can say to us, what attracts the audience in this series so that it is so popular?
In fact, it is about the brilliant team of creators. Their complex approach has guaranteed such success. We are not going to expose all secrets but are set to acknowledge that if you have not watched this series yet, you are obliged to follow it right now. You won’t forget this dynamics and personal dramas. So, join the fan base of this show to which we are also related.
The Challenge Season 29 Cast

Following fresh news

The news is such that are dealing already with the future cycle 29. It has been recently confirmed. And now, the only thing we can do is keep waiting for the announcement of The Challenge season 29 release date. We are not willing to pull wools over your eyes and that’s why are set to say directly to you that there no expecting the statement of the launch date this year. It will become confirmed only next year in spring.
Nevertheless, we expect the appearance of some details of the future season including cast changes, as well as particulars of the following contests. Keep an ear out for them if you wish on our service and you will get them as soon they become exposed.

Update: The Challenge Season 29 Release Date

A release date is always something that is kept secret for some time. The 29th season of The Challenge is no exception to that rule. Seeing how 2017 is here now, the season is most likely to come out in a few month. Unfortunately, it is not exactly known when. There is an unpleasant possibility it will be canceled.
If you subscribe to us, you will be informed when something interesting comes up, be it an update, a new season or, indeed, a cancellation. Stay tuned!


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