The Challenge Season 28

One of the so-called long-livers of the world famous TV channel MTV – it’s a game show The Challenge, which has been broadcasted since June 1, 1998, which is a very long term. Its creators have managed to attract viewers with exciting contests and the format of the competition, which the public is so fond of. By today 27 seasons have been released, and it’s already known that this is not the limit. Prior to this, many viewers often asked the same question: when will The Challenge season 28 be released? Premiere date of the renewed 28 th season has recently been announced: the coming of the next series is scheduled for May 4, 2016. The new episode is as usual being looked forward to with great interest; the public hopes that the return won’t be delayed and the authors and producers will present The Challenge season 28 release date with a fully new cast able to attract everybody’s attention.

Creators and Producers

The series has been broadcasted on MTV for about 18 years. For this period the viewers have seen a great number of participants. The cast was selected by a crew of professionals. The people creating this outstanding show are:

  • Mary-Ellis Bunim, an American producer and filmmaker;
  • Jonathan Murray, a producer and scriptwriter from the US.

The Challenge Season 28 date release

The host of the program is T.J. Levine, famous for his professional skill of BMX riding.

The company responsible for each season air date is Bunim/Murray Productions; the distributor of The Challenge is Viacom Media Networks.

Brief Review

At present it is known that the season twenty-eight of the series will include 13 teams of participants. Due to the extremely intense struggle and exhausting competition a constant guest on the film set is the team of medical professionals, ready to come to the rescue of a worn-out party. But the reward for this competition is remarkable: the main prize the winner gets is $ 350,000, a sum worthy to fight for it.
The Challenge Season 28

The new season start will take place very soon, so the public will make sure that the filming crew has managed to renew the show and bring new colors in it.

Soon Renewal and Viewers’ Expectations

The rating of The Challenge on a world famous site IMDB is a 7.5/10 score which is rather a good result. The future season premiere is being awaited by a large number of the viewers due to an amazing plot of the series and its well-chosen participants who become everyone’s favorites during the season broadcasting.
The Challenge Season 28

It’s already known when new 28 th series will be presented: the next season release date is set for May 4, 2016. Stay tuned to be aware of any possible changes in the schedule of the show and new features prepared by the authors and producers.

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