The Celebrity Apprentice Season 9

It is not a big secret that the NBC channel slate is beefed up with premium and diverse content. The Celebrity Apprentice is one of the veterans on it airing since 2008. The eighth debut is the most recent one. Precisely, the eight season air date is January 2, 2017. As for now, the renewal has not been made, as well as The Celebrity Apprentice season 9 release date has not been defined. The latter one is a far perspective.
From this year, the story gets a bit another title – “The New Celebrity Apprentice”. This alteration made to the project is due to the change of the host. Earlier it was a duty of Donald Trump to lead the reality game show. When he resigned from the program for conspicuous grounds stating his wiliness and readiness to participate in the presidential campaign, Arnold Schwarzenegger took over the duty of hosting.
MGM Television is a company behind the development and financing, as of today. Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as an executive apart from his current role of a host.
The Celebrity Apprentice Season 9 Release Date


It makes for a reality game show based on the elimination format. The game show focuses on apprenticeship and raising money for the charity by means of participating in a diverse abundance of challenges.
Let us remind you that originally, the show which precluded the celebrity edition, proposed the winner a contract with one of Donald Trump’s companies.
The latest releases showed such star cast members as:
The Celebrity Apprentice Season 9 Release Date

  • Jessica Alba,
  • Tyra Banks,
  • Warren Buffett,
  • Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger,
  • Steve Ballmer,
  • Leeza Gibbons,
  • Rocco DiSpirito,
  • Bob Harper,
  • Tracey Edmonds,
  • “Moola” CEO Gemma Godfrey.

Decline in Ratings

The show has a long history. Definitely, with the time passing, each show will start losing its previously and successfully garnered rating figures. This TV game is no exception, as we follow the decline. Primarily, the viewership constituted 11 million watchers per each new episode upon the average. Descending with time, the audience is considered 4 million people as for the release of the latest installment.
The level of popularity is high, with this lowering, nevertheless. The chances of renewal for the eighth season premiere are strong enough. We cannot hope for the immediate arrival of ninth season release date but the renewal can become a thing for earlier announcements. Stay tuned!


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