The Boonies Season 2

Living in seclusion is a hard task to do and only truly enthusiastic people can handle it. The cast of the new show “The Boonies” are such enthusiasts. They pursue to live in places remote from civilization, without all the amenities. The series is so far on the bubble after the recent release of the pioneer installment.

About the show in general

A new survival show from National Geographic, “The Boonies,” came out in the middle of January 2016. Thus, the broadcast of the pioneer installment is now over. But it is available for watching on various online resources.
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The show focuses on people willing to go to extremes in their desire to live in seclusion.
Michael Madsen was the one to narrate the series. The executive crew consists of Brian Skope, Brad Bishop, Tom Forman and Jon Beyer.

Is living in seclusion worth it indeed?

Those who live with all those technological things easily available in their everyday life now have a chance to follow this unscripted project. The question is, are the participants of the show ready to live in seclusion?
The participants arepeople who took their need for an alternative lifestyle to an extreme. They create their own refuges on top of mountains as well as in caves, on a remote island and even in a treehouse.
This alternative technology-free lifestyle has become popular for those seeking to detach from the modern demands. And that deserves respect. Nowadays, we have forgotten about out real roots in nature, which we only destroy.

The ratings of the TV show

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The serial’s followers have a count of almost a million. On IMDb, it got almost 8 points out of 10. That is quite satisfactory rating. It might be enough to provide the audience with new episodes for several following years with regular intervals.

Information concerning the resumption

But as the current situation is, everything is not quite as optimistic as it might seem at first. The serial, alhtough the broadcast of its first season is already over, stays on the bubble so far. This might be a rather sad development of events.
But as the matter stands, we should not despair. Instead, let us wait for a formal announcement of The Boonies season 2 release date. We might hear of new episodes as well. Let’s hope that the second installment will come as the tradition now requires it, in the middle of winter 2017.


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