The Big Music Quiz Season 2

Those programs that feature talented vocal artists, competing with one another, have already become a part of modern TV and took a worthy place in the life of the audience. But unlike most similar projects of this genre an Australian series The Big Music Quiz tells not about the songs, but how well they are known by the participants. This format was borrowed from another French show and today is successfully broadcasted not only in Australia but all over the world on Seven Network channel. By today the authors have presented one full season of this show, and now all the fans appreciating a good plot and qualitative music, are puzzled with the same question: will The Big Music Quiz come back for Series 2? Release Date of the new episode is still unknown, but the audience supposes that the next renewed season will be presented when all the creators come to the same conclusion about the continuation.

Creators and Cast

The Big Music Quiz Season 2 Poster
It’s worth mentioning that the first season air date took place on August 28, 2016 and since then the authors have presented 8 episodes with the running time of each episode about one hour.
The creator of the series is Darren McMillan, an Australian showman of Scottish origin. The channel broadcasting the program is Seven Network. The company distributing the project and responsible for the coming season premiere is Shine Australia.
The list of the guests of The Big Music Quiz in the first season included the following personalities:

  • Joel Creasey;
  • Claire Hooper;
  • Lawrence Mooney;
  • Claire Bowditch;
  • Rebel Wilson;
  • Ella Hooper;
  • Kate Cebrano and some others.

Plot Review

The Big Music Quiz Season 2 Spoiler
Each episode of the program includes six parts where the participants divided in two teams compete with each other. All the show contains the next rounds:

  • Warm Up (the first part);
  • Unlikely Covers (the second);
  • Headphone Heroes (the third);
  • Personal Playlist (the fourth);
  • Twisted Tunes (the fifth);
  • The Final (this round is not for teams but for separate players).

Among the cast of the series are well-known stars from various spheres of show-business – television, music, cinema, sports, etc. The atmosphere of the program is friendly and cheerful, and both the participants and the audience get only positive emotions.

Viewers’ Expectations

The first season premiere was watched by an enormous number of viewers. The figure was about 1.211 million, which is quite much. All the next episodes were being awaited with a bit less interest, which is proved by the number of the audience, for instance, only 0.843 million viewers of episode 3. Anyway, the return of season two is being awaited with great interest, and the public believes that the next season release date will be announced in the nearest future.


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