The Battle of the Ex-Besties Season 2

The Battle of the Ex-Besties is a new reality series on the Oxygen channel that follows seven pairs of former best female friends who confront each other putting their friendship feelings to test in such a way. The first season premiere is dated back to December 2016. Now we are waiting for the news regarding the resumption and The Battle of the Ex-Besties season 2 release date. All these seem to be impossible to come off in the near future due to the recent debut.
Fly on the Wall and Fishbowl Worldwide Media produce the show while Allison Grodner, Rich Merlin, Rick De Oliveira, Haylee Vance, Vin de Bona, and Beth Greenwald complete collaboration group of executives. Sibley Scoles serves as a host.
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Closer to the Competition Core

Seven couples of best friends are challenged to confront each other. You might have caught yourself thinking of the immediate reasons that have made these girls become a kind of enemies for each other. Well, causes are diverse starting from cheating, behind-the-scenes gossip at work, and ending with theft cases even.
The tasks are difficult for accomplishing in terms of both emotional and physical aspects. The prize is hefty comprising $100,000. This sum of money is worth struggling for it, is not it? How do you think?
In order to get the victory, they need to forget about their past conflicts and become a true team. So many of the cast members are destined to reconcile and become best friends again. But most of them will be eliminated with each new episode coming to screens.
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If one from a pair is eliminated from the show, another person has a chance to win $50,000. Will the ladies be ready to put their disagreements behind them?

Unclear Future

As for the current info, the TV show has found itself not a top-notch one with low rating figures. Frankly speaking, there is no wondering why, as such projects are not a rare case on TV.
When will the new season air date be exposed? And will be revealed ever? These questions remain without any concrete answers. The drama included seems to be not so dear to tastes of audiences that are already fed up with all this. Surely, it has its fan base like other juicy stories do. This fact may suggest that the new season release date will be finally made clear one fine day. Stay tuned if you want to become aware of what is happening concerning this show!


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