The Bachelorette Season 13

We all know the show The Bachelor, which has spread around the world and has been presented as adaptations for different countries. But there are those viewers who prefer to a classic series with a man as the main cast another project, which is a spin-off of The Bachelor – The Bachelorette, the program of ABC channel which has been on TV for a long time and has been broadcasting since 2003. By the moment 12 full seasons have already been released, and the fans of the show are puzzled with the question of possible continuation. Will The Bachelorette come back for season 13? Release Date of the renewed series haven’t been mentioned yet, but such a long time of being on TV gives the opportunity to say that the next new episode of the fourteenth season premiere will air quite soon and the project will return in the nearest future when all the conventions are met.

Authors and Creators

The coming of the first season start was set for January 8, 2003, and by today the public has already watched 12 seasons. The latest season twelve started on May 23, 2016. The whole number of episodes presented by the moment is an incredible one – 137. The creator of The Bachelorette is Mike Fleiss, who finished his work in the program in 2013. The presenter of the program is Chris Harrison, an American showman.
The Bachelorette Season 13 date release

The main developers of the series who are responsible for all the show air dates are such people as:

  • Martin Hilton;
  • Peter J. Scalettar;
  • Alycia Rossiter;
  • Bennett S. Graebner and others.

The Bachelorette Season 13

The world famous Warner Bros. Television Distribution is the main distributor of the project; the channel which is sure to present the following season release date and the one which broadcasted all the previous episodes of last series is ABC.

Brief Review

Those viewers, who are familiar with the parent show, know that the format of the project The Bachelorette is not different from its predecessor. Here as the main character also acts one human, but this is a woman who has to choose of men, butnot on the contrary. After each episode a man is out of the project, and in the finale part the heroine is to decide who of the two candidates she will remain with. This genre has become very popular on television, but an unusual approach to the realization of the idea – a woman instead of a man – may well enhance audience’s interest.
The Bachelorette Season 13

Series Rating and Possible Renewal

The schedule of the future season thirteen hasn’t been mentioned yet, but while looking at the series rating it’s difficult to say that the show is being strongly awaited. On IMDB the program has got only 3/10, and this figure is very low for the project which has been airing for such a long period of time. Anyway, stay tuned not to miss the information about when new season air date is going to be released in case of its renewal.

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