The Bachelorette Canada Season 2

The Bachelorette is the Canadian version of the well-known American reality project with the same title. The original idea for the project was taken out of the show called The Bachelor. Good Human Productions Inc. deals with production matters airing the show on a channel for women belonging to W Network. The first season premiere episode was released on the 13th of September 2016. The show focused on Jasmine Lorimer – a 28-year-old hairstylist born in Kenora, Ontario.

Original Format

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The Bachelorette is a spin-off project inspired by the American original TV show. It’s a reality gaming show with competitive elements and a number of the participants called The Bachelor. The new episode of the first season was released in 2003 on ABC.
The first season of the American version of The Bachelorette focused on Trista Rehn who, in her turn, was one of the participants of the first season of The Bachelor. Rehn got an opportunity to pick out a husband among 25 contestants. The next season premiere was in 2004 with another runner-up from The Bachelor. The last season air date was on the 28th of February 2005. Then ABC shut the project down and now no one knows when will The Bachelorette get back to the American TV screens.
However, W Network channel received legal rights to use this format, which became a real success for Canadian television.


The Bachelorette Canada Season 2 Cast
They are adopted from the original project The Bachelor. The series concentrates on a bachelorette who has been rejected in the previous seasons of The Bachelor. The cast normally includes 25 – 30 romantic interests. The main heroine of The Bachelorette is in search of a potential husband.
The format is practically the same except for some slight differences. In The Bachelorette, the one who gets to the end of the season must propose to the main heroine of the show. The Bachelor doesn’t always do that. The Bachelor is allowed to choose a girl to spend time with for potential development of their relationships – the proposal isn’t guaranteed from the very beginning of the season. All eleven seasons of American version of The Bachelorette resulted in a proposal.

Second Season Release Date

There’s no official info on the continuation of the The Bachelorette Canada. If you’re willing to get some news on the second season premiere, don’t forget to subscribe to our updates.


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