The Bachelor Australia Season 5

It is an Australian version of the international franchise watched all over the world. Mile Fleiss is an immediate person behind the production of The Bachelor Australia. The first season premiere is dated back to 2013. The latest season release date is  July 27, 2016.
This reality show heals from Warner Bros. International Television Production. The distributor is the Ten Network channel.

As for the Format

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The concept of this version does not differ from those other countries’ variants included in the international franchise. All is centered on one handsome and most desirable man who is looking for his second half. A certain number of women apply for participation in this show, in order to try to win the bachelor’s heart.
In each new episode, we follow the participants of the show as they date with the bachelor. The locations for dates are various including even those who are set to fill your blood with adrenaline, as well as diverse exotic and romantic places. At the close of every part, the ceremony of roses is arranged, in order to eliminate certain females who are not to the liking of the man. As the circle is narrowed, the atmosphere turns to grow hotter. The interactions between ladies from the cast and the bachelor become more intimate.

Recent Rating Figures

Richie Strahan serves as a fourth Australian bachelor. As for the reception of the latest season, it is favorable as well as in other previous cases. The viewership constitutes 0.8 million watchers in general. The finale was noted for a surge of the audience, as usual, since the tension reaches its peak when a second half should be finally chosen by the main hero of the show.
The Bachelor Australia Season 5 Cast
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Renewal Can be Announced

With ratings like this, there are no reasons for doubts regarding the possibility of the cancellation to appear in our minds. When will the new season air date be clarified at last? The Bachelor Australia season 5 release date can become exposed only next year yet the resumption can be nearer than we might suppose. Stay tuned for the news regarding the series future!


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