The Amazing Race Season 29

The Amazing Race is a reality competition TV project released in the USA. The creators of the show and owners of the original idea are Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. They also deal with production matters in collaboration with Jonathan Littman. Earthview Inc. produces the project for CBS TV Studios and for ABC Studios. The main person in the cast is the presenter of the show named Phil Keoghan. He’s been hosting the project since the very start of it on the channel. Read further for The Amazing Race season 29 release date. The first half of the season has already been released this summer and now the fans are waiting for the mid-season premiere date. 

The Amazing Race got a number of rewards and nominations with more than ten million viewers watching every season released.

 The Amazing Race Season 29 date release


The show is filmed with the participation of 11 teams (each of the teams consists of only two participants). They participate in a race that is generally separated into 12 legs. Each of the legs requires deducing clues and navigating in unknown foreign places, interacting with local inhabitants, performing numerous mental and physical challenges, searching for transportations on a tight budget given. Progressive elimination is used in every new episode. The winners get $1 million.

The Amazing Race Season 29


The Amazing Race is a race around the world with the participation of the 11 teams of two. Every race consists of 12 legs – twelve competitions to put mental and physical abilities of the participants to the test. The end of every leg is a so-called Pit Stop allowing the participants to have some rest before they continue their journey filled with new challenges to go. When one of the teams arrives at a Pit Stop first, it is often given a prize. The last team to get to the Pit Stop is normally eliminated.  

Some of the legs don’t finish with elimination. Double-length legs are often used – it’s when the team gets to the Pit Stop to meet the presenter who tells them to continue the race on new conditions. Every race finishes with a final leg with three teams participating in it. The race lasts for 25-30 days.

Every team has a small budget to operate with. They should choose proper transportation possibilities or they can travel on foot. For air traveling the participants are sometimes provided with a special credit card to get cheap tickets.

The Amazing Race Season 29

29th Mid-Season Release Date

The Amazing Race has been on since 2001. The project wrapped up its 28th season on the 13th of May 2016. It was later prolonged for one season more to be broadcast in 2016-2017. The 29th season was split into two parts. The 29th season air date is June-July of 2016. The release date of the mid-season is unknown yet, but we will let you know when we get more info on the subject.

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