The Amazing Race Canada Season 4

Great news turns to be available now as the creators of the travelling TV show under the title “The Amazing Race Canada” have renewed it for the fourth round. The exact launch date is also known. It is June 28 of this year.

Brief review

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Making for Canadian adventurous competitive reality show with the speckles of a documentary project, The Amazing Race Canada is reckoned to be a part of the well-known franchise. This very part is its Canadian version aired on CTV.
The premiere of the current serial was held in the middle of summer three years ago. The present number of installments constitutes three.  The most recent chapter was given also summer start but in the preceding year.

Storyline of the TV show

The participants of the show are the searchers of adrenaline embarking on the competition held by the creators of the show. The competitors are divided into 12 teams that are fighting with each other in a harsh race across Canada and around the world.
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To obtain victory, they need to travel more than 48 thousand kilometers, struggle through the variety of challenges in diverse countries perched on three continents.

Being in the know of the general acceptance of the show

With the launch of the pioneer episode of the latest installment, the serial has broken the rating record garnering about 2 million Canadian watchers in front of TV sets. The incline in the volume of the serial viewership constitutes 10%. Overall, this opening episode has turned to be the highest-rated premiere part generally for the whole TV season in Canada.
Receiving news about such great ratings, there is no doubting in fact that the developers are going to keep gladdening us with fresh episodes for the following several years with regular intervals.

Following latest developments

The Amazing Race Canada Season 4 Cast
As for the information received with the launch of the final episode of the third installment, we are now dealing with the revival of the project for the fourth chapter. The question is whether this upcoming installment can replicate headway made by the third season.
It is known that the casting has been opened also right after the end of the latest chapter. Those who took a keen interest in the show participation could attend the official website of the project.
About half a year has passed since the formal announcement of the serial resumption. Consequently, it is high time to provide the loyal following of the project with The Amazing Race Canada season 4 release date. The developers keeping it in mind have declared recently this launch day. So we are to watch new episodes of the Canadian version of The Amazing Race on June 28 this year. So there is less than a month already before the fourth installment appears on our screens. Still it cannot be the reason to leave keeping hands on the pulse of the situation. In order to be in the swim, follow news appearing on our service and you will not miss any tiny detail.


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