Texas Flip and Move Season 5

This summer debut has been already made and the release of the fourth installment is already over. Now we are left to wait for the official news about the future of the fifth installment. Will it be launched next year? How do you think? We will monitor the state of things for you in order to get you notified just in time.

Making a Sketch of the Program

The series under today observation is an American reality TV show that serves as a part of the programming list of the DIY channel. The first release is dated back to November 2014. Since those times, the audience has followed four cycles. The future of the fifth one is yet to be determined. The latest fourth installment has appeared amidst this summer 2016.
Texas Flip and Move Season 5 Poster
The production team hails from the Quail Television company. The team of executives is spearheaded by the duo of Greg Quail, and Joel Rizor.

Concept Description

It is one of those flipping renovation shows on television. Nevertheless, this does not generally mean that it is a typical project. There three teams of Texas entrepreneurs take part in a house flipping competition.
Purchasing dilapidated houses, they move them on a flatbed truck to their own place where they embark on the major restoration. After all renovation actions are finished, the guys sell them on auctions.
Some of the houses turn to be obtained for several hundred dollars, and after the renovation, the house is auctioned off for a number that is much higher than the purchase price.

Audience Feedback

The series has been well received by the audience. Among the pros, we can underline the realistic and charismatic characters. It is also refreshing and inspiring to follow the remodeling done at prices comparable to those in the real world where most of the audience lives. Surely, there’s a concrete charm in the dream lifestyle shows, but it’s more exciting to watch something that can be done on a budget as well.
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What are your own impressions from the show? Have you evaluated its originality or not? Is the project worth its continuation?

Candidate for Renewal

The show is a unique one among the variety of those typical renovation programs. So, if you have been looking earlier for something original, this series is for you. Do not hesitate and embark on viewing it – four seasons are at your disposal.
One thing, however, should be an object for worrying though there is still much time before the supposed launch of the fifth installment. The thing is that the reality story has not been renewed so far. The ratings and a warm reception make us believe that it is just a matter of time, nothing else.
Stay tuned with us so that we could notify you about the changes in the situation with this renovation program. The Texas Flip and Move season 5 release date is not near in coming so far. Its exposal may be expected only getting closer to the start of the next spring.



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