Tamar and Vince Season 5

The release of the fourth season of Tamar & Vince is a far event. Herewith, it seems that it is high time to renew the project of another chapter. What is the reason for such a delay? Can we expect the release of the next installment in the future? Stay with us now as we are going to clarify all these moments.

Brief Review of the TV Show

Four years ago, this reality show appeared on WE tv as a new addition to the autumn slate. As of today, we have four full seasons for following with the latest one having premiered in December 2015. The end of 2016 year is already near yet there is no confirmation of the fifth installment. Is that the reason for worrying? Are rating figures the explanation of the delay in broadcast?
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As for the production team, it includes such studios as Streamline Television, Magical Elves Productions, and WE tv Original Productions.
According to the origin, the reality show is a spinoff of the highly-rated Braxton Family Values.

Concept Summary

As the title suggests, the series main characters are Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert, a married couple.
The challenges in their relationships were faced against the background of Tamar Braxton’s rise to stardom.
Her career of a singer implies participation in various projects in order to increase her popularity including the TV project entitled as Dancing with the Stars.
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At the sophomore chapter, we followed the life of a family, as its members become parents for the first time. This new social status influences their usual lifestyle, as responsibilities of parents should be taken to the full. How will they cope with such life challenge? Surely, they will find the ways to escape conflicts and will find a compromise in dividing their duties.
The series includes Tamar’s concert tours, the process of filming videos for her songs, as she deals with other personal and professional issues.

Low yet Decent Ratings

The series is referred to those that can be either for hating or for loving them. As for the concrete figures, they are not pretty high – 0.7 million watchers per episode on average. The score on IMDb constitutes the average 5.4 points out of 10.
The viewership is small yet stable. This together with the recent developments in Tamar’s career, as she releases new albums and makes nation-wide tours, can be a firm reason for continuing the reality story, as there is still many things in store.
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What is the Series Future?

How can we define the series fate? It is impossible now, much to the regret of all of us. If fact, there is only the way to suppositions. The chances of renewal and cancellation are equal. Thus, we should wait for the official confirmation of either a bad or a good verdict.
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