Taking Fire Season 2

The start of this autumn has given the premiere of the new documentary project on Discovery Channel. The first season release date is September 13, 2016, specifically. The professional crew of executives has been working on the project:

  • Dimitri Douganis,
  • Dan Gold,
  • Louise Norman,
  • Rebecca North.

By production of Rat TV, Taking Fire highlights the combat footage from the cameras carried by four members of the 101st Airborne Division positioned in Afghanistan for one year.
Taking Fire Season 2 Poster

Following the Personal Stories of Soldiers

The cameras worn by heroes show the actual combat and the personal aspects of the life of a frontline military person. They speak about these moments relying on their own experience and feelings.
The very action is set in Korangal Valley, a Taliban-held isolated and dangerous area. Four soldiers come as heroes of the first season premiere. They are Ken Shriver, Kyle ‘Bobby’ Boucher, J.J. McCool, and Kyle Petry.

Ratings and Reviews

In 2013, the slate of Discovery Channel has been filled with more realistic projects. This tradition is held for this year also. The series under today discussion is another proof of this statement.
Showing what the real brotherhood is, the series highlights the true values that should in the life of every human. The idea of the docuseries is more than just great – it needs its further unfolding.
Taking Fire Season 2 Spoiler
As for the exact rating figures, they are 1 million viewership per each new episode and a 0.37 demo rating. The score on IMDb is perfect, equaling 8.8 out of 10. How can you evaluate the project? Is the theme appropriate for you? Or do you prefer to stay away from all those terrifying specifics of the war? Share your thoughts and impressions below the post!

When will the Future be Announced?

The question is whether the project can have its future due to the material shown in it. Just theoretically, it can be produced further taking one or another route. Yet the second season air date may not be even exposed and the resumption confirmed.
In any case, we should stay tuned in the case the developers decide to take another cast for portraying in the sophomore installment. Follow us, in order not to capture the Taking Fire season 2 release date!


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