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It’s strange enough, but the shows the purpose of which is to introduce single people to each other, are absolutely popular among all audiences, including those who are in couples. This format on television has always had a great success, and the founders of the British show Take Me Out wisely took advantage of this at the beginning of 2010, when the show was first presented on January 2, 2010 on ITV channel. By today it has been presented for 8 seasons of the program, and now its fans send the authors the same question: when will Take Me Out Series 9 premiere? Release Date of season nine hasn’t been officially announced yet, but most of the viewers believe that the creators will not stop producing this successful and interesting show, which not only entertains but also unites lonely people in couples.

Creators and Distributors

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The idea of Take Me Out belongs to an English comic actor and a showman Paddy McGuinness, who managed to work out the project almost on his own. Since 2010 when the first season release date took place it has been presented 8 series that include 81 episodes (the running time of each episode is from 60 to 90 minutes.)
The latest eighth season air date was on January 2, 2016 on ITV channel and included 10 episodes. The distributor of the show is FremantleMedia and this network is likely to be responsible for the return of a renewed season 9 on the screens.

Plot Peculiarities

The main task of the series is to ensure that a single man at the end of the episode takes a fancy to one of the girls. The essence of the show and its cast are as follows:
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  • one episode, as a rule, shows the story of four men who are ready to build relationships;
  • the place of girlfriend is claimed by 30 girls who compete with one another;
  • during the program any of the women may give up the fight for a certain bachelor;
  • the final stage is the choice between the two girls, one of whom a man chooses as his girlfriend.

Viewers’ Expectations and Feedbacks

The latest season still had a huge success with the public, the average number of viewers of its episodes was about 3 million, and that’s a lot. Some critics note that the show has too much unworthy humor and too many sexual overtones. However, such a judgment of the public, which is not too well aware of the whole basis of the program, may be considered to be quite wrong, because the main idea of the project is an assistance in building relations.
The audience is impatiently waiting for the coming of the next season premiere. The viewers hope that each new episode will be as usual full of energy, vivid participants and good humor.


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