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Health programs aren’t that popular on television, however, a number of viewers have a keen interest in them since they don’t have much time to get the personal training course. Jillian Michaels is here to help you – she’s the host of this reality project looking for true phenomenon in fitness. The show started in autumn of 2015. Ten episodes were released and now the fans are looking forward to the continuation. The creators and producers of Sweat Inc. are 3 Ball Entertainment company together with Todd Nelson, JD Roth, DJ Nurre and Brant Pinvidic.

Jillian Michaels

She’s one of the most famous and successful wellness experts in the USA. She managed to create an empire of people willing to be healthy. She succeeded in supporting them for a long period of 20 years. She wrote a number of books and articles that made her one of the most popular authors in New York Times. She’s got numerous nominations on TV. She’s smart and motivational. In Sweat Inc. she works together with two other experts.
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How It Goes

The first episode of Sweat Inc. concentrated on low-impact and simple physical exercises. Also, there was a lot of useful info about the equipment for cardio and resistance trainings that you can use at home. Experienced fitness professionals pitch their products. Then three judges together with the guest examine the choices testing them out. Then they pick out one of the solutions paying special attention to the opinion of the guest. That’s the first part of the show.
In the second part of it the elimination starts. The judges get rid of one of the contestants and leave the other two with a new task. The show passes on to the gym where 25 invited people test the workouts and equipment chosen by the two contestants. After thirty days of testing the judges finally make their decision picking out four “control” people chosen beforehand. The before and after results are compared including changes in body mass, weight and state of the muscles. The winner is announced.
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So, the show is a lot more than a demonstration of innovations in wellness industry – it’s inspiring for a number of people who have no idea how to start their healthy life and what results they can practically get. The creators of the show put special emphasis on different types of workouts and specific elements of training programs.

Release Date

There was no news about the renewal of season 2. It’s yet to be renewed and scheduled. Don’t forget to check for the news!


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