Swamp People Season 8

Traditional series about hunting and wildlife is the format that is liked not by all the viewers, but only those who really admire the beauty of the surrounding world. But the History Channel show called Swamp People will certainly be appreciated by not only the fans of the program, but also the audience around the whole world. An unusual genre that is revealed in this American project – the hunting for alligators – is that today can be found only on the screen, because the majority of the public do not have the opportunity to see all this unusual and fascinating process with their own eyes.

By this moment the authors have presented 7 seasons of the show, and the main question that troubled the fans of the series after the end of latest season, was as follows: when will Swamp People season 8 be released? Premiere date of the coming renewed program is still unknown, but the lovers of Swamp People can feel relieved: the eighth season air date will take soon. This information has recently been announced by the creators when viewers’ expectations came to the limit.
Swamp People Season 8 date release

Authors Crew

This reality show was first released on August 22, 2010. Today the audience has already watched 131 episodes. The new episode of the latest season 7 debuted on February 8, 2016.

The series cast have been working in the same crew for a long time. Among them are worth mentioning the following personalities:

  • olores Gavin (the idea of Swamp People belonged to him);
  • Pat Duke (the main narrator of the show);
  • Jay Peterson (executive producer);
  • Troy Landry;
  • R.J. Molinere;
  • Junior Edwards;
  • Liz Cavalier and others.

Swamp People Season 8

The broadcasting of each new episode is carried out on a well-known History Channel. The company producing the series is Original Media.

Brief Review

The program tells about the lifestyle of the natives of Louisiana, who are trying to keep their unique and inimitable way of life, engaging in hunting for alligators.Despite the apparent simplicity of this procedure, the conditions for catching this predator is very dangerous and risky. The profit, which brings this hunt, is fairly high, but all the actions are conducted not just for fun. After all, the entire process is regulated by a special committee dealing with the control over the population of alligators in a particular area. The viewers, who are looking forward to the next season release date, will not remain indifferent to the new adventures of hunters’ team.
Swamp People Season 8

Terms of Renewal

The exact date of the return of the series hasn’t been officially announced yet. The authors are yet to make a decision about the schedule of episodes and the new season premiere. Despite not rather high rating on IMDB (6.3/10) the program is still popular. The fans hope that the upcoming season eight will not be the last one and are waiting for the continuation.

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