Survivorman Season 8

The long-running survival show has maintained its originality and uniqueness, as well as its rating figures throughout the decade run. The eighth season is already a confirmed matter. So, we may not worry and make suppositions regarding its fate. The next installment will be launched come rain or shine next year.

Making a Short Review

The series is referred to those projects that are chronicling the attempts of the main characters’ to survive in the far wilderness. The Canadian project by the origin, Survivorman is a product from the duo consisting of Cream Productions and Wilderness Spirit Productions.
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The main executive here is Les Stroud. He serves also as a filmmaker and a camera operator. Thus, it is a unique project from one person.
The release of the first season is dated back to 2004. Now, we have seven seasons and four specials at our disposal, as well as a confirmation of the resumption for the eighth installment.
The broadcast has been held on the Outdoor Life Network in Canada, and on Discovery Channel and Science Channel internationally always.

How to Survive in the Wilderness?

It is senseless to say about the direction of the reality story, as it is seen clearly from the title. The survival show comes to be hosted by Les Stroud, an expert in the things that touch the survival, as well as a director. This combination of skills in one person seems to be a perfect one to create a marvelous show.
In each episode, we are to follow his adventures that last for a week, during the first three chapters, and for 10 days, starting from the fourth season. Les Stroud takes his clothing, a camera, a multi-tool, a harmonica, additional certain items that can be of need in the certain area and also an emergency satellite phone.
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Reception and Renewal Predictions

The series is original in its format though it is referred to the survival shows. The thing that captures the audience attention is the absence of camera crew lurking behind the trees. There are no pre-planned obstacles also. The natural one forces the host of the show to fight for his life. The given reality show can be considered as the most real among all others.
All this contributes to the success of the story strongly. The fan base of the series and of Les Stroud personally is large enough. Against the background of such reception, we conclude that this show will be renewed for many new episodes in the several following years certainly.

Following Recent Updates

According to the recent updates, the series will have its continuation packed in the eighth chapter. The Survivorman season 8 release date should be yet exposed. Let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the next year when the new cycle appears for us to enjoy it.
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