Sugar Free Farm Season 3

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a topic that is now extremely popular among all categories of the population, including the rich and the poor, and this is widely used by TV men. Almost on every modern channel you can meet TV series, telling about losing weight and keeping fit. One such show is Sugar Free Farm, a project where the main characters live without sugar and in each new episode work in parallel on a farm to maintain physical strength. The peculiarity of the program is that the participants here are not ordinary people, but celebrities, personalities known on television. Judging by the fact that it has been presented 2 seasons, the series is quite popular and in demand among the audience, so after the end of the last episode very popular is the question about when Sugar Free Farm season 2 will be presented. Release date of the next part is yet to be announced, and if the authors decide to return the series with a renewed season, its coming will be announced immediately and the third season release date will be known to everyone.

Creators and Developers

The first season start was introduced to the whole world on January 26, 2016, and the second season premiere was set for January 10, 2017. Both the parts include 7 episodes, and the last one was shown on January 31, 2017.
Sugar Free Farm Season 3 date release

The narrators of the project are two well-known showmen – Olivia Colman (she participated in season one) and Helen Baxendale, working in the previous part two.

The team of producers of the series developing the program and doing their best for the next season release date to be announced as soon as possible includes such professionals as:

  • Jamie Isaacs;
  • Jon Connerty;
  • Matthew Nicholson;
  • Sukhi Bansal;
  • Jonathan Turner;
  • Claire Bridge and some others.

The channel presenting this British series on TV is ITV, the network regularly producing different shows.
Sugar Free Farm Season 3

Brief Review and Cast

Six famous personalities voluntarily decided to participate in a dietary experiment and refused food containing sugar. As you know, it is rather difficult to do this, because almost all modern products, especially those that are in supermarkets, contain sugar, a rather harmful component. In addition, these people work on a farm, and it is also interesting to observe this work.

The people taking part in Sugar Free Farm are:

  • Joe Pasquale;
  • Peter Davison;
  • Ann Widdecombe;
  • Stavros Flatley;
  • Alison Hammond;
  • Gemma Collins.

Sugar Free Farm Season 3

Viewers’ Expectations and Possible Renewal

The current series rating on IMDB is 6.5/10. This figure cannot be called very high, but at the same time this proves that the show has its viewers eagerly waiting for the next new season air date. If the creators come to the same conclusion, the program will certainly debut with its new episodes rather soon, so stay tuned to hear various details and find out the schedule of an upcoming season.

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