Suave Says Season 2

The new American comedy entitled “Suave Says” is reckoned to be a documentary in its origin as it comes to narrate about the life of a singer famous due to charts in the 90s of the previous century. The series is still waiting for the confirmation of either resumption or cancellation though the first premiere was held in 2014.

Brief review

The series that is entitled as “Suave Says” is conveying to us the life of one singer. By the genre, it is a comedy real life story and also an insightful documentary.
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The broadcasting matters are resolved by the VH1 channel in the USA. The team of executives is composed of Gerardo Mejia, Christian Sarabia, Angela Aguilera who are working in harness with VH1’s executive producers Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, and Fernando Mills. The studio for production is 51 Minds.
The first release of the series was held on the original home channel. The freshman season is so far the latest one with the second cycle being yet undetermined in terms of its future. The present amount of episodes constitutes ten.

Plot summary

Gerardo Mejia is known for his hit entitled “Rico Suave” that is reckoned to be a breakthrough in the charts of the 90s years of the previous century.
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Getting closer to the point, we should state the series central person is Gerardo Mejia specifically. Here we are given an unprecedented look at his professional as well as personal lives.
The insightful story is conveying the family values of his crazy social unit. But before creating a family, he was also a music executive, as well as a lay pastor. Then he met a beauty queen and married her.
His family consists specifically of hot mom” wife Kathy, rapping son Jaden, daughters Bianca, a fashionista, and Nadia, a promising singer and has won the title of “Miss Malibu”.
Managing his working issues and maintaining a household is a hard challenge to balance it but our heroes are coping with it as successfully as they can.

When can we expect the release of the next chapter?

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A little bit more interested question is whether there is a sense in waiting for the renewal as it cannot even come with such sad turn of events. AS we know, the first release was held in 2014, thus two years ago and since then nothing inspiring has been heard from the developers. Isn’t it a solid ground for worrying? We think it is.
Another variant of the situation unfolding is that the developers have told everything that they have wanted in fact about the life of a singer. But in this case, they could have canceled the series already. Nevertheless, we have not confirmation about is so far. Thus, the renewal is possible though chances are low.
In any case, we recommend you keep your chin up and staying tuned as info can appear unexpectedly as a kind of a surprise to the followers of this series. Thus, keep abreast of the situation together with us in order to be the first one who will get to know the Suave Says season 2 release date.


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