Strut Season 2

Strut is a new American show having aired on the Oxygen channel since the recent past. The first season premiere is dated back to this fleeting autumn. To be more exact, the freshman season release date is considered September 20, 2016, officially. The formal debut was arranged following the first episode online launch that had been arranged a week prior to it.
Whoopi Goldberg, Stephanie Noonan Drachovitch, Tom Leonards, and Bobby Sizemore serve as the members of the executive team. 44 Blue Productions, One Hoe Productions, and Thigh High Productions set the trio responsible for the whole production.

About the Focus

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Transgender fashion models complete the cast while their professional and personal lives come for the immediate depiction. These personas are brave enough in order to present their community while facing challenges of common type and trying to cope with them. The stereotypes are set to be torn apart in this series. The narration cannot run here without strong emotions and a certain portion of drama, as they should keep corresponding to the high requirements of the world of fashion.
Among the models featured in the freshman installment, there are the following ones:

  • Ren Spriggs
  • Laith De La Cruz,
  • Isis King,
  • Arisce Wanzer,
  • Dominique Jackson.

Strut Season 2 Cast

Ratings and Future

This reality series is not a favorite among viewers and the reason lies in the very concept. No other results could have been expected. To concretize the situation, the viewership constitutes about 0.2 million watchers per each new episode in general. Throughout the course of the run, the series managed to retain this level steady.
The series is a unique chance for the audience to penetrate into the world about which we know nothing, in fact. The poor level of ratings cannot be taken as a reason to cancel the show. Moreover, in the majority of cases, the reviews are favorable. Consequently, we may keep waiting for the resumption and the exposal of the Strut season 2 release date.
Will you wait when the fourth season air date is announced? How have you received the story? Is it realistic enough for you or a bit theatrical? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and follow our service in order to keep abreast of the situation!


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