Street Science Season 2

A wide variety of experiments, even the most daring ones with chemical elements and other components, can be found in a new fascinating show that was launched on Science Channel at the beginning of this year. This is the series of Street Science, an innovative project where the latest scientific technologies are used. Viewers can enjoy watching experienced specialists perform different entertaining things, which at the same time are shown in slow motion, so that you can appreciate all the beauty of these phenomena. Each new episode of the program represented a variety of experiences, and now after the project is finished and the last episode of the first season has already been released, the public wants to know about when Street Science season 2 will come with renewed stories. Release date of the next part is yet to be announced, but the authors surely are aware of viewers’ interest in coming of the show, so they will probably take it into account and return a beloved project with a new season premiere on the screen soon.

Creators Crew

The first of ten episodes was presented on January 11, 2017, and the last one debuted on February 8, 2017. The audience, of course, to watch more episodes, but it’s possible that the second part will include a greater number of them.

The main presenters of Street Science are Kevin Delaney, a host, and his colleague Darren Dyk, the main expert in the process of slow motion. Among the other assistants also forming the cast of the show are Anne-Lise Emig and Desiree Chubb.

There also producers promoting the series and responsible for the next season release date to air in the near future. They are:

  • Kyle McCabe;
  • Elaine Pugliese;
  • Lauren Gray Williams;
  • Daysun Perkins;
  • Guy Nickerson;
  • Linda Wolkovitch;
  • Javier Sepulveda and some others.

Street Science Season 2

The studio producing the program is Spectrum Productions, and the network broadcasting all the previous episodes and the one which will definitely present the second season air date is Science Channel.

About the Show

All curious experiments that are performed by project specialists are shown in a slowed-down mode, and there are special people responsible for this task. Among the videos shown in the series, one can find a variety of experiences and phenomena that the participants of the series create with their own hands. The project specialists created an artificial mini-tornado of fire, demonstrated the unusual properties of hydrogen peroxide and showed many other amazing phenomena of those substances that surround us.
Street Science Season 2

Rating and Possible Renewal

The audience is eager to watch the continuation, and despite the rating of the previous part isn’t very high (on IMDB this figure is 6.1/10), there are still a lot of fans hoping that the following season two will air soon. The authors haven’t yet mentioned the date of when new season is going to be released, so stay tuned to be the first to know it.

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