Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2

Street Outlaws is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The original project started in 2013. The New Orleans version of the show premiered on the 22nd of February 2016. Street Outlaws: New Orleans season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the series is as popular as the original project and the producers are still making plans on the series.


Street Outlaws: New Orleans gives the viewers a chance to have an inside look into the illegal world of street racing. The participants of the project demonstrate incredible driving skills. They participate in races competing against each other to get to the list of top racers.
Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2 date release

New Orleans Series

Street racing is getting more and more popular all over the country. Racers organize street teams to represent their cities. The new Street Outlaws show follows The Big Easy street racers. In every new episode, Kye Kelley faces 32 elite racers of the nation to defend his title organize a team made up of the bravest and fastest racers. Kelley’s aim is not only to preserve his title, but also to make The Big Easy one of the most famous racing destinations.


  • Brandon Smith, one of the quiet and calmest racers in the projects. The most part of the talking is done by his 2001 Mustang. He had to work a lot to be able to purchase all of the desires parts for his car in order to make it competitive. Brandon and Scott unite to help each other get to the top. Brandon’s wife’s name is Brandi. She supports her beloved husband whenever possible.
  • Bobby Ducote owns a Ford Maverick. He feels pride of his vehicle that is the smallest and the fastest in the team. Bobby is full of energy – he’s brave enough to participate in the races with cars into races with cars that have more tire and more power than his. Unites with Kye to get their vehicles to the top.
  • Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2

  • Kye Kelley constantly works to keep his Camaro in top shape. He’s not afraid of any challenges. Grew up on the south of Mississippi, got his driving license and since that moment he has been addicted to cars and bikes. He’s the leader of racers in New Orleans. Owns a performance shop. His dear wife’s name is Alisa.
  • Scott Taylor – main rival of Kye in the area. His vehicle is a 1992 Cutlass. Scott’s ally is Brandon Smith. They united to beat the team of Kye and Bobby. Scott’s wife is Heather – she’s her husband’s biggest fan sustaining him unfailingly.
  • Shane Lester is the owner of Mustang Cobra and Chevy Nova SS. Together with Natalie, his wife, they own a body shop. They earn enough money to get the best parts for their two vehicles. Shane keeps his thoughts to himself and rarely communicates with other racers.
  • Shannon Poole owns a 1969 red Chevelle. All his family treats Shannon’s hobby seriously. Shannon’s dad is an ex-racer always helping him to become best. He’s also a firefighter.
  • Travis owns a 1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. He’s a Finance Director by day. He spends all his free time on his car.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no official info on the 2nd season release date, but the show enjoys great ratings and the producers are still about to make the announcement about the renewal. When we find anything to shre with you, we will do it as soon as possible.

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