Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2

Made specially for admirers of automotive races, the series “Street Outlaws: New Orleans” is a TV show broadcast on Discovery Channel since February 2016. Thus, it is a newcomer. And it’s still to be renewed for the second cycle. Keep abreast of the situation to find out everything about the show first hand.

TV show review

The TV series we are going to discuss in this article is a television show. The action takes place as it goes, and there are no scripts ready. Discovery Channel is the one broadcasting this reality project. The first debut took place at the beginning of this year. The current number of episodes is nine.
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The narration is full of action and adventure. And so, it is attractive to fans of dynamic shows. It is also a spinoff of this popular network’s other reality program, called Street Outlaws. But the action is set in New Orleans this time.
The production of the project is a work of Pilgrim Studios. The names of the crew of this reality show are Craig Piligian, Sam Korkis, and Craig Coffman.

About the concept of the spinoff

The street racing culture is very popular. So, there is no wonder the developers decided to create a spinoff like that.
The host of the show is Kye Kelley. In the mother project, he was a cast member. But here, he is to lead the development of the events.
In this spinoff, he, an already experienced racer, has to guide a new team of participants, newcomers to the show franchise.

What are the ratings and reviews?

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Surely, we could not expect that the spinoff would replicate the success of the original story to the fullest. Moreover, some regular viewers, as well as critics, note that it has some disadvantages compared to the original project, a real top project of Discovery Channel.
Despite the criticism, nevertheless, this is a series with rather good ratings. The average amount of viewers per episode is more than 1.5 million. And let’s put on a Thinking Hat to find out what the chances of the renewal are.

When can we expect the release of another installment?

As the affairs are now, the status of this project is unclear, much to the regret of all of us. We can only assume that it is too early for such things as a renewal or an announcement of the Street Outlaws: New Orleans season 2 release date.
It is entirely possible that we can expect another February release, but this time in 2017. This hope is inside us, and that’s why we keep monitoring the situation with the project with much prudence following the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the series developers.

Update: Street Outlaws: New Orleans Season 2 Release Date

Time marches on. February will arrive very soon. So, has been there any news concerning the exact release date of this show? Unfortunately, none so far. Most we’ve been told is that we should expect the second season in early 2017, which is now. Nevertheless, based on the past release date, we extrapolate and expect the next season’s release date to fall on some day in February. Keep in touch and we will inform you about any updates.
Perhaps, we were too optimistic this one time. Only time can tell now. Stay tuned and subscribe!


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