Stone House Revival Season 2

This show produced by Magnetic Productions and released on the 12th of July 2015 is filmed with the participation of Jeff Devlin – an experienced contractor and carpenter. Jeff Devlin is that perfect guy when someone has to deal with repairing works in ancient historic houses. The houses he manages to revive are sometimes older than the country itself. Jeff, accompanied by his team of experts in restoration, helps homeowners bring these old structures back to life and turn them into up-to-date living spaces trying to preserve their historic value. Follow the team of experienced professionals reviving the character of these rundown houses and mansions.

Jeff Devlin

Stone House Revival Season 2 Poster
He’s professional and very experienced carpenter. He devoted more than 20 years of his life to his profession. He realized that his devotion is restoration. He decided to combine his passion with his designing and building abilities. He’s been renovating houses for more than 20 years turning those, that are even older than the country itself into real pieces of art. He renovates historic places saving their history and character.

Season 1 Episodes

To help you get the general impression of the show, we collected brief descriptions of the episodes.

  • Jeff finds a springhouse built in 1717 and turns it into a cute guesthouse. He admits that it’s one of the most challenging projects ever.
  • Jeff transforms a kitchen of the 80s situated in a 1859 farmhouse.
  • The team is working in the cellar of a 1710 house. They turn it into a wine cellar and add charm to the sitting room.
  • Jeff renovates the kitchen of a 1717 farmhouse.
  • Jeff works on the design of a kitchen in the house of 1970s.
  • Jeff chooses a converted barn as his new designer project and also works on the bedroom and bath of the barn’s owner.
  • Now it’s an 18th century house. The last renovation of it was in 1980s after a fire.
  • Jeff renovates a 1760 Colonial farmhouse.
  • Jeff working on the design of the house of the 40-s.
  • Jeff restores a kitchen and a living room in the house built in 1729.
  • Jeff is in 1684 house situated in Aston, Pa. His aim is to create a space for entertainment.
  • Jeff works on the design of a kitchen and a living room in a farmhouse built in 1760.
  • Jeff rebuilds a bedroom and a library of a stone house built in 1700.
  • Three rooms are redesigned in a farmhouse built in 1785.

Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 has already been officially announced. It will consist of 14 episodes; however, the exact release date is yet to be scheduled.


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