Steve Austin`s Broken Skull Challenge Season 4

Physically challenging competitions are portrayed in the already long-running show entitled “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge”. The series latest chapter has premiered this year. So we can only now wait for the resumption being made getting closer to the next winter.

Brief review

As a product of 51 Minds Entertainment, the series that is referred to as “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” has been aired since its first summer debut in 2014. The latest opening was held in this past January on its channel called Country Music Television or shortly CMT. Currently, the amount of seasons constitutes three with each one involving ten episodes.
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge Season 4 Poster
By the genre, it is a competition in physical skills with a variety of tasks prepared for the participants.
The highly-rated part of the programming list, the series comes to be developed by such executives as Christian Sarabia, Steve Austin, and Vince Cariati.

About the host and the concept of the show

As the title implies, the series host should be named Steve Austin. And here he is, an accomplished ex-WWE wrestler.
The series is a competitive show and has its contestants who are to cope with all kinds of physically challenging tasks in every episode of the show. The question is what these challenges are. So it is rounds held between wrestlers.
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All members of the show have athletic experience or a history of taking part in other obstacle courses. Each part follows elimination rounds as the contestants compete against each other. Surely, they are to win a certain prize that constitutes $10,000. Only the toughest competitor is to win this sum of money.

What is about its scorings?

The series ratings are on a high level. The scoring on IMDb, which constitutes 7.5 points out of 10, can prove this at least. The reviews are favorable while the viewership is increasing all the time.
The critical nodes are another evidence of the success of the reality story. The nominations and awards won by the series are great.
The conclusion from all these statements can be the only one – the series is worth its production for the several following years. Therefore, we should not worry every time about the feasibility of the resumption.
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge Season 4 Cast

Concerning the fourth chapter

The series is now on the bubble in terms of its fate as it is yet to be defined by the creative team. If the order from the channel is made, the series fourth chapter will be launched. The thing is that the probability is such that the series resumption now is just a matter of time due to the ratings described above being pretty high.
If the announcement is made in this upcoming autumn, we can predict that Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge will become known in winter the supposed launch timeframe for the next installment. In the case of the early appearance of news, let’s monitor the situation together with us in order to get to know everything at first hand.


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