Step It Up Season 2

Competitions full of suspense and drama are the main theme of the newborn project called “Step It Up”. Though with the serial released in the antecedent year, there has been no announcements appearing on the official resources concerning the feasibility of the TV show resumption.

With what project are we dealing here?

Presenting a reality show by its genre, the series under the title is reckoned to be also a documentary multipart movie that focuses on the idea of dancing. The serial turns to be broadcast on the US channel referred to as Lifetime. The opening of the only one season that serial possesses currently was set at the beginning of the previous autumn.
The production company which has embarked on creating the project is reckoned to be Pilgrim Studios.
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Concerning the very essence of the TV show

Everything here is connected with the dancing company owned by Traci Young-Byron who is considered to be team captain in this project. Used to be a Miami Heat Dancer, Traci is the leader of the dancing team which routine work comes for depiction in this TV show.
The feeling of competitiveness exists here making Traci keep in mind that she is in the rivalry with Bring It’s Miss D and her Dancing Dolls. This is some kind of a motivation to her to give no quartet to the members of her troupe.
The watchers receive a great opportunity to penetrate into the behind-the-scene process of preparation of one of the most powerful dancing teams. With the episodes unfolding on our screens, we reach the thought that dancing is one of the most difficult field of activity. They should really struggle their way through pain, everyday dancing routine in the shape of repeating and thus polishing their moves. It is actually hard both physically and emotionally. But the goal is worth it in any case.
Moreover, in this serial, we are to follow the dramatic events and relationships between the participants of the troupe. The most important task of the leader is to create an inspiring atmosphere in the team becoming the example to follow. And with this particular task Traci is coping brilliantly.
Step It Up Season 2 Promo Cast

About acceptance of the show and possible revival

Though being brought to an end long time ago with the launch of the final episode of the pioneer season, the TV show is now still on the bubble waiting for the decision that the developers should make. The ratings are quite promising and can be taken as a firm reason to develop the project. However, the creators seem to hesitate about this.
If to follow the tradition of the launch time, the sophomore chapter is to appear this upcoming autumn. But so far we have no data regarding the Step It Up season 2 release date. Moreover, nothing has been said also about the feasibility of the story revival. So it’s seems like it is high time to announce such things.
The situation makes us arm ourselves with patience and wait when the situation with the given project is highlighted.


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