Steampunk’d Season 2

Contemporary art is an area where almost everyone can realize himself today, and the main thing is to choose the right craft and improve in it. Among the variety of popular activities a firm place in the niche of the entertainment takes the genre called steampunk. Young people are well acquainted with this culture, but in order to further promote this activity among people of all the generations, the authors have decided to present their new show Steampunk’d, which first appeared on TV channel Game Show Network in 2015. After the last episode ended, the audience started to be interested and ask the creators of the project the following question: will Steampunk’d come back for season 2? Release Date of the next new episode is yet to be announced. The audience hopes for the series to return in 2017 and the renewed season premiere will be presented when all the conventions are met.

Production Info

The coming of the second season air date is being waited impatiently, and real fans of Steampunk’d remember that the first season start took place on August 19, 2015. That part of the program consisted of 8 episodes each running about 42 minutes.
Steampunk’d Season 2 date release

The host of the series is Jeannie Mai, an American producer and presenter. But she is not the only person developing the project; there are many executive producers responsible for the presenting of the next season release date and selecting the cast of the show. These people are:

  • Lauren Stevens;
  • Kimberly Belcher Ehrhard;
  • Jennifer J. Duncan;
  • John Ehrhard.

The company producing Steampunk’d is Pink Sneakers Productions; the channel which will certainly present a new season two in case it is renewed is Game Show Network.
Steampunk’d Season 2

About the Show

The participants compete with one another in the skill of popular today craft called steampunk. Their work is evaluated by the team of judges, which includes the following people:

  • Thomas Willeford;
  • Sabrina Soto;
  • Kate Lambert;
  • Matthew Yang King;
  • Kirsten Vangsness.

The fact that the participants in the show demonstrate is a real art. This ability to transform yourself and the things around into something new is highly valued inthe modern world.
Steampunk’d Season 2

Prospects for Continuation and Viewers’ Reviews

The public is eager to know when new season is going to be presented, but unfortunately there is still no any finale authors’ decision. The program has gained a number of positive feedbacks from the viewers, as the format of the project is quite new and unwonted, so the continuation is being awaited with interest. Don’t forget to stay tuned and be the first to know the schedule of an upcoming part of Steampunk’d and find out all its peculiarities and curious facts.

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