Steampunk’d Season 2

As the current affairs shape the situation with the project  “Steampunk’d”, the developers still have second thoughts concerning the future of this reality show. So we are unaware now if the second season is to be broadcast on GSN or not.

Production info

Steampunk’d Season 2 Poster
Run by Game Show Network (shortly GSN), Steampunk’d is a reality show that covers a very unusual competition.
Jeannie Mai, known as a renowned expert in designing fashion matters, is the leading narrator. The show itself requires filming, of course. The production company Pink Sneakers Production is the one doing it. The team of executives includes such big names as Kimberly Belcher Ehrhard, John Ehrhard, Lauren Stevens and Jennifer J. Duncan. The series take place in Los Angeles.
The pilot season came out in August in the previous year. The most loyal followers are already anticipating the emergence of its second installment.

What is the essence of the competition?

The series idea is apparently taken from the Project Runaway. Experienced. The discussed series’s essence lies in a competition among the participants who are steampunk designers with lots of experience. They are divided into groups. Each of those groups grows into a close-knit team that makes steampunk-style artworks steampunk from most common and ordinary things. The contestants, referred to as “Makers”, are doing their best to make futuristic accessories.
The first season included eight episodes, during which the designers were furiously fighting for the opportunity to become the best one in their field. And, of course, to win the main prize of $100,000 . Isn’t it worth some struggle? It most certainly is. The general composition of contestants includes ten guys and ladies. The judges had the host of the show and Thomas Willeford, Matt King and Kate “Kato” Lambert among them last time.
Among the participants of the show, we can find such people as a tattoo artist, now a clothes designer, Karianne Gottschalk, a chef, Charles Mason, an X-ray technician, James Neathery, a designer in the field of sculptures, Ave Rose, a single mother and adult novelty shop supplier, Niki Phillips, and a theater performance artist Tobias McCurry.
During the run of the pioneer installment, the designers were busy with combining the style of the Victorian epoch and modern technology. Which, incidentally, is the definition of steampunk.
Steampunk’d Season 2 Cast

About renewal issues

The serial has got its loyal followers amongst the admirers of modern artistic vision. Because of that, there are grounds to believe that we are going to enjoy another chapter. That said, the serial has not been yet resumed by its creators, unfortunately. There is also no mention concerning the Steampunk’d season 2 release date. But we should be ready for the news about the new episode of the serial any day.

Update: Steampunk’d Season 2 Status

Time marches on, and there still has been no word about the fate of the project from the producers. Some might ignore such unfortunate circumstance, but it’s hard to deny it’s definitely not a good sign. Does that mean that the second season will never appear? Not necessarily. And yet, it’s more than likely at the same time.
There isn’t much you or we could do about that. The only thing we can advise that you do is to subscribe to us. Should a miracle occur and the second season get an official renewal, we will notify you immediately.


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