Stage School Season 2

Stage School is new project airing on the E4 channel in the UK. The recent debut has not been so well received, speaking truly yet about this a bit later.
With the first season release date confirmed September 5, 2016, the new show was created to include 30 episodes with the runtime constituting 30 minutes.
Jonathan Stadlen leads the cast of executives from the studio entitled as Knickerbockerglory TV. D&B Academy of Performing Arts where the action takes place has contributed greatly to the production.
Stage School Season 2 Cast

Life of Future Artists

The main heroes of the reality series are the students of D&B Academy of Performing Arts perched in London. They are future dancers, singers, and actors. The soapy show includes their teachers and mentors, surely, as they train them with various methods applied. The cast members of the reality series are the following:

  • Bonnie and Donna Sullivan,
  • Megan Jossa,
  • Betsy-Blue English,
  • Pia Smith,
  • Josh Harwood,
  • Durone Stokes,
  • Luke Higgins and many others.

As you see, some characters are already known for us from such shows as for example The X Factor.

Negatively Received?

Stage School Season 2 Spoiler
The audience has decided to follow the negative approach when reviewing this show. The ratings are extremely and unexpectedly measly. On IMDb, for instance, we are offered only 2.4 points out of 10. With each new episode, more and more negative reviews kept appearing on the web.
Moreover, a petition was given by many in order to pull the show off the air. The reason for it  is the outrageous misrepresentation of drama training. The theatrical academy is known for its more supportive environment.
What do you think personally of this? Is it truly so unrealistic? Is it excessively soapy and dramatic? How do you think? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Chances of Second Season Premiere Still Exist

As reviews are considerably unfavorable, the cancellation of the project can be induced. Yet as we know there are many projects on TV peculiar for such response that still keep on running on television. It is possible that it will be this case. But so far nothing is heard of the possibility of the continuation, as well as surely of the Stage School season 2 release date. We should not be even under the illusion that the new season air date will be exposed in the near future. If the verdict is in favor of the project, it will be exposed only next year. Stay tuned with us for date regarding this reality series.


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