Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Season 2

That’s a sports competition TV series directed by Kent Weed. This American project was released on the 13th of June 2016 by NBC.

The Format

Teams of five participate in the show. They usually consist of two women, two men and an athlete, called “elite Spartan athlete”. He’s usually chosen by the creators of the show and serves as a captain of the team. The participants of this challenging competition will put their physical and mental abilities to the test. They’ll have to race one mile of obstacles including fire, water and mud. The prize is $250,000.
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The total amount of teams participating in the project is 36. With the course of time they learn how to work their way up through teamwork. The catch is that every group is diverse – parents, siblings, co-workers, teachers, good friends compete in one of the most challenging races ever released on TV. The cash prize is $250 000!
You’ll watch the participants stuck in mud, wild waters, dangerous fire and barbed wire. There’ll also be a slip wall covered in mud that makes it extremely slippery and almost impossible to scale. The participants sometimes joke that after the show they’ll see this slope in their worst nightmares.
Every episode of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge depicts six teams consisting of two men, two women and an experienced Spartan racer picked out by the creators of the show in order to lead the teams.


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The obstacles that the participants have to face are very different and mostly dangerous. They may be painful and even torturous. However, these races seem extremely appealing both for the contestants and for the TV viewers. Why is it so? Why do people agree to pass through all these sufferings and punishments being filmed for TV? Probably, it’s the same feeling that makes mountaineers climb Mount Everest or cliff jump in deep and dangerous waters of tropical seas. They are searching for adrenalin being completely and probably eternally addicted to extreme sports, pushing their wits to the limit. They feel satisfaction when they face fears, risk their lives and experience pain and serious injuries. It’s a sort of an ecstasy making their hearts beat like crazy. Rollercoasters and bungee will never be enough for them. They are striving for more danger, more breathtaking moments and more satisfaction. So, you see, it’s a lot more than punishing body.


The producers had finished with the applications by the 27th of September 2015. NBC ordered 7 episodes in total. The 7th one was released on the 21st of July 2016.

Season 2 Release Date

Only 7 episodes were ordered and there’s no official info about the continuation of the project. Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge is yet to be renewed for season 2.


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