Southern Justice Season 4

Are you waiting for a new portion of criminal stories that are supposed to appear on National Geographic next year? We have no choice but upset you now in a way, as the resumption has not been yet confirmed. Nevertheless, chances of the revival are high and, thus, you should keep your chin up! Stay tuned for updates!

Some Main Info

Southern Justice is a part of the law enforcement-themed slate on National Geographic. The reality series premiered three years ago for the first time. The latest debut is dated back to April 2016.
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The narration is given by Dave Hoffman. The team of executives is composed of Jimmy Fox, Jim Lindsay, Benjamin Silverman, Bob Weinstein, and Harvey Weinstein. The duo of companies entitled as Electus and Weinstein Company is responsible for fabrication.

Following the Idea

The reality series revolves around the criminal cases committed in such areas as Sullivan County, Tennessee and Ashe County, North Carolina. The law enforcement officers are always on the guard working with total efficiency and keeping a watchful eye on the concentration of guns, drugs, and alcohol, as well as people who need to be constantly reminded of the constraints of the law.

Scores and Viewership

The series is noted for decent ratings in terms of scores on various aggregator websites, as well as in relation to the viewership. So, the amount of watchers is evaluated at about 0.8 million watchers, according to the info received after the release of the third installment. The score on IMDb constitutes 8.4 points out of 10.
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As far as the reviews are concerned, everything is all right also here. The favorably set audience is looking forward the new criminal stories that are expected to be shown on National Geographic in the future. Among the exact advantages of the criminal documentary, the watchers underline the sympathetic way in which the officers interact with people, as it is hard enough when you need to reply to the constant routine calls, as well as the insightful journey into the social issues.
How have you perceived this reality story? Is it dear to your taste? Are you a follower of crime series no matter whether they are scripted or not?

Will There be Another Season on National Geographic?

After the release of the second installment, there were some unpleasant rumors around the series future. The project was about to be canceled. We were lucky enough, however, to get to know that the new chapter would appear ultimately.
Now the question is the same – whether the project will get its continuation but this time shaped in the fourth cycle of fresh episodes.
The chances of the renewal are desperately high and we have all grounds to hope for the best future. So far, however, there have not been any announcements. Even if everything is okay with the show fate, the Southern Justice season 4 release date will appear not so soon. Stay tuned, however, to be notified about the revival of the story.


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