Snack-Off Season 2

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General Overview

It’s a reality cooking TV competition created in the USA. The airing started on MTV Channel. The original idea for this project belongs to Rob Dyrdek. He’s also one of the executive producers. The others are Shane Nickerson, Todd Garner, Kip Madsen and Geoff Bunch. The first episode of the first season was aired on the 10th of July 2015.
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The Format, the Plot, the Participants and the Crew

That’s a marvelous and exciting culinary TV show with amateur chefs participating in it. Their aim is to make a culinary miracle out of everyday meals. Sometimes they actually manage to create real works of art out of nothing! Three judges follow the cooking process and their task is to pick the most talented cook from the newcomers. The winner will get an impressive sum of money as a prize. As a bonus, the winner’s recipe will be published in one of the most popular cookbooks.
The host of the show is Eddie Huang (already participated in Ridiculousness, Fresh Off the Boat and Unique Eats). The judges are:
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  • Chrissy Teigen (participated in Lip Sync Battle and Entertainment Tonight)
  • Jason Quinn (took part in Chopped and The Great Food Truck Race)
  • Yassir Lester (participated in TakePart Live and The Late Night Fix with Yassir Lester).

The participants of Snack-Off have to create the dishes out of strange components like fish sticks, whipped cream, canned oysters and French fries. Their aim is to use these products in creating something marvelous and incredible. They mostly manage to do that. Nonetheless, some of the dishes become a flop, which creates quite a comic situation.
Snack-Off Season 2 Cast

Release Date Info

The fans are looking forward to more episodes cause the show itself is very amusing with lots of laughs and sincere emotions. The first season is already over showing impressive results in ratings and positive reviews. The official date of the second season of the project is unknown yet, but the producers are not planning to cancel it though. Keep your fingers crossed for that and don’t forget to share what you think!


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