Smartest Guy in the Room Season 2

A new competition show on History Channel that has turned to revolve around the certified geniuses named Guy Messenger, Terry Myers, and Randy Myers. Have you failed to hear at least something of them? Be sure, in the show, you will get acquainted with them better. The second season is still to be confirmed. So, let’s wait for the news and enjoy the freshman cycle!

Some Basic Moments of the TV Show

Smartest Guy in the Room is a new program from the slate of the History Channel that serves as a documentary and a competition show at the same time. So, you should not even doubt the originality of the project.
Smartest Guy in the Room Season 2 Poster
The first and the latest premiere is dated back to January 2016. So, the supposed second installment can appear at the start of 2017 yet no news is available regarding this.
The production is by Authentic Entertainment with the leader of the team of executives named Michael A. Miller.

Following the Concept

In each episode, three men come to be tested in terms of their intellectual powers. They might be regular in many ways, except their 140+ IQs. Their names we have already defined – they are Guy Messenger, Terry Myers, and Randy Myers.
Their aptitude in different areas is high though they are blue collars. The show is aiming at determining who the smartest guy in the room is.
What challenges do they face specifically? Well, they include a memory test, as well as a helium-powered “reverse” race challenge, a logical and physics-related challenge of stacking a hundred pounds on an egg without letting it crack, and a packing task.
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Feedback from Watchers

The intellectual project are always dear to the hearts of the audience yet this one should be excessively popular and it is, in fact. The interactive adrenaline game, it is insightful and educational tackling the interest of watchers of any age. You feel like being involved in the process of resolving challenges and this is the immediate advantage of the project that differs it from others of the same type.
As for the exact rating numbers, they are perfect indeed. On IMDb, the score equals 8.6 points out of 10. The reviews are favorable in the majority of cases.

Potential of Renewal

The series has not been renewed for the second installment yet. Nevertheless, we have all grounds to state that the chances of the second installment are high. What are these solid reasons? First of all, it is the series idea that makes it perfect in terms of both education and entertainment. It influences the audience, thus, in a pretty positive way in comparison with other pointless reality series. Additionally, the level of ratings is also high in order to speak further about the following installments.
The Smartest Guy in the Room season 2 release date can be announced only in the case the resumption is announced at first. So, let’s wait for the official statement and keep monitoring the situation closely.


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