Skin Wars Season 4

This year’s debut of the show has already been set. We can expect the next portion of new episodes next year only. However, so far, we are not aware of the fourth season’s fate.

Following the Main Features of the Project

The series is a competitive reality show. The subject of competition is, however, unique. It is hard to find another show where the cast is struggling in their abilities of body painting, after all. The American show Skin Wars is hosted by Rebecca Romijn and is broadcast on different channels all over the globe.
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The first part debuted in August 2014 on Game Show Network, USA. The third premiere was arranged this spring.
The broadcast in Australia was on air on LifeStyle You, in Canada on GameTV, and in the UK on TruTV.

Competition Show

Twelve competitors on the show demonstrate their abilities in body painting. The project also has a jury. Their names are RuPaul, Robin Slonina, and Craig Tracy. They are the ones to determine the winning body painting and give the artist the prize that constitutes $100 000. Not bad, don’t you think so? Among other awards, there is a custom-made stencil line from Bad Ass Stencils and an invitation to the Austrian World Body Painting Festival.
In each episode, the participants face multiple challenges given to them to test the limits of their talent.
The viewers sitting on the other side of screens get to enjoy the amazing pictures that can be created with body paint.
It is important to know that anyone with a talent in body painting may participate, no matter whether if they are a professional artist or a newbie.
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Recent Rating Figures and General Reception

The very specific theme of the show implies that the audience mainly includes those who are in love with body art. The series ratings are far from being those that can be measured by hits. The highest amount of the viewers hardly reaches 1 million. This can also be explained by the low rating of the series’s home channel. Thus, we cannot expect some extraordinary numbers. The show is worth development, though, as the figures are not a valid success criterion.
As far as the reviews are concerned, the current situation is much more inspiring due to the originality of the show. Even the critics found some satisfaction in it.

Show Fate

The show was not a hit. However, it did manage to give birth to a spinoff titled Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. Its premiere dates back to the past year. Afterward, the entire season was announced as soon to be launched.
As for the series itself, its fate is still unknown, but we hope for the best. There is no waiting for the Skin Wars season 4 release date now. It can appear no earlier 2017. Follow us, and you will get it as soon as it is published.

Update: Skin Wars Season 4 Release Date

As we foretold,  there was no release of Season 4 last year. Does that mean the season comes out this year? Not necessarily. Although it might be time for the producers to finally release a new episode, the key word is "might." As of now, there’s no word about even the possibility of a renewal. Which, theoretically, means that the series might yet be canceled.
But let’s hope it won’t be. Stay tuned, stay subscribed, and we will inform you of any updates and changes.


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