Sisterhood of Hip Hop Season 3

The admirers of the hip-hop genre are lucky to enjoy the new project under the title “Sisterhood of Hip Hop”. Being composed now already of two installments, there are all grounds to believe that we will watch new episodes in the near future though so far we are unaware whether the third chapter can take place.

Some basic info of the fresh project on Oxygen

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Being created by the leader of the executives named T.I, a popular rapper who is now working on a number of familiar projects, the serial presents a reality series surely with orientation to the hip-hop musical genre as the title implies.
This documentary chronicles the life of a team of female rap singers who are attempting to make headway in such a big rap world packed with great opportunities and fame.
The premiere of this serial was held at the end of summer 2014. Then next year, the sophomore chapter took place but this time at the beginning summer. In this serial various celebrities come to take part. The airing is set on the American entertaining channel titled as Oxygen.

What comes here for portrayal?

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The participants of this show are female rappers who are just at the stage of deserving their fame. Briana Perry, for instance, is a professional hip-hop singer swiveling in this sphere of activity since her 5 years. As the matter stands she has even signed by label possessed Missy Elliott.
Siya is considered to be an openly gay rapper who is not aiming to sacrifice her true nature for her career. Bia is reckoned to be female singer noted for her work with the Grammy Award-winning rapper named Pharrell while Nyemiah Supreme and Diamond are presented here as the newcomers in this industry.
In the sophomore installment, this brilliant team comes to be refilled by Chloe Riley being famous in the San Diego area and searching for the international fame. With the same genre for bringing it to life, these female singers are aiming to stay original in their performance. These women are in possession of a strong will proving the fact that this sphere is not created only for men.

With regard to the acceptance of the show

Showing much of drama on TV screens, there should appear no hesitancy concerning the feasibility of the serial resumption.  But so far there is no available data about the revival and the Sisterhood of Hip Hop season 3 release date though the usual timeframe of the series launch that is summer is coming up in a few days.
This can be a thing for worrying about in fact since the reviews coming from critics as well as from common watchers are mostly favorable in its nature. The viewership is also maintained on a steady level. But the developers still keep mum due to unknown reasons.
So there is nothing in the course so far but to expect formal announcements holding out hope that they will appear in the very nick of time. Follow our notifications in order to stay in the loop.


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